Performing a Primary/Standby Switchback


In the Unbalanced state, the number of primary instances on some nodes increases. As a result, the load pressure is high. In this case, the cluster is normal, but the overall performance is not as good as that in a balanced state. Restore the primary-standby relationship to recover the cluster to the available state.


  • Only and later versions support primary/standby cluster restoration.

  • Cluster restoration interrupts services for a short period of time. The interruption duration depends on the service volume. You are advised to perform this operation during off-peak hours.


  1. Log in to the GaussDB(DWS) management console.

  2. On the Clusters, find a cluster in Unbalanced state.

  3. In the Cluster Status column of the cluster, click Fix under Unbalanced.


  4. In the dialog box that is displayed, confirm that the service is in off-peak hours, and click Yes. A message will be displayed in the upper right corner, indicating that the switchback request is being processed.


  5. Check the cluster status. During the switchback, the cluster status is Switching back. After the switchback, the cluster status will change to Available.