Enabling Alarm Notification


The alarm notification function sends you alarm notifications (by SMS or email) if a DDoS attack is detected. If you do not enable this function, you have to log in to the management console to view alarms.


You have obtained an account and its password to log in to the management console.


  1. Log in to the management console.

  2. Click image1 in the upper left corner and select the region or project.

  3. Under Security, choose Anti-DDoS. The Security Console is displayed.

  4. Select the Alarm Notifications tab. On the displayed page, set the alarm notifications.

    **Figure 1** Configuring alarm notifications

    Figure 1 Configuring alarm notifications

    Table 1 Parameter description



    Example Value

    Alarm Notifications

    Indicates whether the alarm notification function is enabled. There are two values:

    • image2: enabled

    • image3: disabled

    If the function is in disabled state, click image4 to set it to image5.


    SMN Topic

    You can select an existing topic or click View Topic to create a topic.

    For details about topics, see the Simple Message Notification User Guide.


  5. Click Apply to enable alarm notification.