Creating a Folder

This section describes how to create a folder on OBS Console. Folders facilitate data management in OBS.

Background Information

  • Unlike a file system, OBS does not involve the concepts of file and folder. For easy data management, OBS provides a method to simulate folders. In OBS, an object is simulated as a folder by adding a slash (/) to the end of the object name on OBS Console. If you call the API to list objects, paths of objects are returned. In an object path, the content following the last slash (/) is the object name. If a path ends with a slash (/), it indicates that the object is a folder. The hierarchical depth of the object does not affect the performance of accessing the object.

  • OBS Console does not support the download of folders. You can use OBS Browser to download folders.


  1. In the bucket list, click the bucket you want to operate. The Overview page is displayed.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Objects.

  3. Click Create Folder, or click a folder in the object list to open it and click Create Folder.

  4. In the Folder Name text box, enter a name for the folder.

    • You can create single-level or multi-level folders.

    • The name cannot contain the following special characters: \:*?"<>|

    • The name cannot start or end with a period (.) or slash (/).

    • The folder's absolute path cannot exceed 1,023 characters.

    • Any single slash (/) separates and creates multiple levels of folders at once.

    • The name cannot contain two or more consecutive slashes (/).

  5. Click OK.

Follow-up Procedure

You can click Copy Path on the right to copy the path of the folder and share it with others. Then they can open the bucket where the folder is stored and enter the path in the search box above the object list to find the folder.