Scenario 3: Starting Tasks in Batches


This section describes how to start multiple configuration tasks by calling an API.


  1. Obtain the ID of the task to be queried by referring to Obtaining a Task ID.

  2. URI format: /v3/{project_id}/jobs/batch-starting

    • Example request:

      POST: https://{endpoint}/ /v3/054ba152d480d55b2f5dc0069e7ddef0/jobs/batch-starting

      Obtain the endpoint from Regions and Endpoints.

    • Request example:

          "jobs": [{
              "job_id": "140b5236-88ad-43c8-811c-1268453jb101"
    • Example Response:

          "count": 1,
          "results": [{
              "id": "140b5236-88ad-43c8-811c-1268453jb101",
              "status": "success"