Obtaining a Task ID

A task ID is required for some URLs when an API is called. This section describes how to obtain a task ID.

Obtaining a Task ID from the Console

  1. You have logged in to the DRS management console.

  2. In the task list, view the task ID.

    Alternatively, click the task name and view the task ID on the Basic Information tab.

Obtaining a Task ID Through an API

You can also obtain the task ID by calling the API in Creating Tasks in Batches.

The following is an example response after a task is successfully created. In the response, id indicates the task ID.

  "results" : [ {
    "id" : "e11eaf8f-71ef-4fad-8890-aed7572ajb11",
    "name" : "DRS-9228",
    "status" : "CREATING",
    "create_time" : "1599188556112"
  } ],
  "count" : 1