Scenario 1: Querying Task Statuses in Batches


This section describes how to query the status of all tasks of a tenant by calling the API described in Querying Task Statuses in Batches.


  1. Obtain the ID of the task to be queried by referring to Obtaining a Task ID.

  2. URI format: /v3/{project_id}/jobs/batch-status

    • Example request:

      POST: https://{endpoint}/v3/054ba152d480d55b2f5dc0069e7ddef0/jobs/batch-status

      Obtain the endpoint from Regions and Endpoints.

    • Request example:

          "jobs": ["9a470239-2308-4bb5-a6bc-1040402fjb21", "dc67695a-ee3e-49b8-a022-a099bd81jb21"],
          "pageReq": {
              "cur_page": 1,
              "per_page": 10
    • Example Response:

          "results": [{
              "id": "9a470239-2308-4bb5-a6bc-1040402fjb21",
              "status": "INCRE_TRANSFER_STARTED"
          }, {
              "id": "dc67695a-ee3e-49b8-a022-a099bd81jb21",
              "status": "INCRE_TRANSFER_FAILED"
          "count": 2