Converting the Image Format

For BMS, the image format can only be ZVHD2. After obtaining an image file, convert its format to ZVHD2.

**Figure 1** Converting the image format

Figure 1 Converting the image format

Step 1: Upload the image file (for example, Redhat73.qcow2) to an OBS bucket.

Step 2: Register the image file as a private image (for example, Redhat73). For details, see "Creating a Private Image from an External Image File" in Bare Metal Server User Guide.

Step 3: Export the private image to an OBS bucket in ZVHD2 format, for example, Redhat73.zvhd2. For details, see "Exporting Images" in Image Management Service User Guide.

Step 4: Register the image file in ZVHD2 format in the OBS bucket as a private image (for example, Redhat73_new).


The image format has been converted to ZVHD2 in Step 3. If you want to use the private image to create a BMS, you need to register the private image as instructed in Step 4.