OBS Browser+ Function Overview

Table 1 lists the functions supported by OBS Browser+.

Table 1 OBS Browser+ supported functions



Basic operations on buckets

Creating buckets in a specified region, listing buckets, querying basic bucket information, configuring bucket ACLs, managing fragments in buckets, modifying bucket storage classes, deleting buckets, and others

Basic operations on objects in buckets

Creating folders, uploading objects, listing objects, downloading objects, deleting objects, and more

  • Batch upload, download, deletion, copy, and move of objects

  • Upload by dragging

External bucket management

Managing buckets shared by other accounts

  • Adding an external bucket to OBS Browser+, or removing the added bucket

  • Uploading objects to or downloading objects from external buckets

System settings

Settings of OBS Browser+ parameters, which include:

  • Maximum number of concurrent tasks: 1-50

  • Part size in a multipart upload: 9-5120 MB

  • Proxy configuration

Task management

Listing statuses of all tasks, pausing, deleting, running, and searching for tasks

  • Viewing real-time running statuses (progress, time) of tasks

  • Pausing, deleting, or retrying a batch of tasks

  • Searching for completed and failed tasks by types

  • Automatic retry of failed tasks

Account management

Login, logout, and login with access keys

  • Keeping a maximum of 100 accounts login information by default

  • Clearing and querying login history

Auxiliary functions

  • Favorites folder available for you to save frequently used paths (a maximum of 100 paths by default)

  • Shortcut menus available for bucket and object lists, helping you quickly find the desired operation