Viewing Failed Tasks


You can view the details of failed task (if any) in the Failures area, including the task names and statuses. This section describes how to view failures.

Failure Types

Table 1 lists the types of failures that can be recorded in the Failures area.

Table 1 Failure types

Failure Type


Creation failures

A task failed. For a failed task, the system rolls back the task and displays an error code, for example, Ecs.0013 Insufficient EIP quota. See How Do I Handle Error Messages Displayed on the Management Console? for troubleshooting.

Operation failures

  • Modifying ECS specifications

    If an ECS specifications modification failed, this operation is recorded in Failures.


  1. Log in to the management console.

  2. Click image1 in the upper left corner and select your region and project.

  3. Under Computing, click Elastic Cloud Server.

  4. View Failures on the right side of common operations.

    **Figure 1** Failures

    Figure 1 Failures

  5. Click the number displayed in the Failures area to view task details.

    • Creation Failures: show the failed ECS creation tasks.

    • Operation Failures: show the tasks with failed operations and error codes, which help you troubleshoot the faults.