Read-only Status

No database operation is allowed on a read-only cluster. Cancel the read-only status on the management console.

Impact on the System

  • You can cancel the read-only status only when a cluster is read-only.

  • When a cluster is in read-only status, stop the write tasks to prevent data loss caused by used up disk space.

  • After the read-only status is canceled, clear the data as soon as possible to prevent the cluster from entering the read-only status again after a period of time.

Canceling Read-only Status

  1. Log in to the GaussDB(DWS) management console.

  2. Click Clusters.

    All clusters are displayed by default.

  3. In the Operation column of the target cluster, choose More > Cancel Readonly.

  4. In the dialog box that is displayed, click OK to confirm and cancel the read-only status for the cluster.