Obtaining a Project ID


A project ID is required for some URLs when an API is called. Therefore, you need to obtain a project ID in advance. Two methods are available:

Obtain the Project ID by Calling an API

You can obtain the project ID by calling the IAM API used to query project information based on the specified criteria.

The API used to obtain a project ID is GET https://{Endpoint}/v3/projects. {Endpoint} is the IAM endpoint and can be obtained from Regions and Endpoints.

The following is an example response. The value of id is the project ID.

    "projects": [
            "domain_id": "65382450e8f64ac0870cd180d14e684b",
            "is_domain": false,
            "parent_id": "65382450e8f64ac0870cd180d14e684b",
            "name": "project_name",
            "description": "",
            "links": {
                "next": null,
                "previous": null,
                "self": "https://www.example.com/v3/projects/a4a5d4098fb4474fa22cd05f897d6b99"
            "id": "a4a5d4098fb4474fa22cd05f897d6b99",
            "enabled": true
    "links": {
        "next": null,
        "previous": null,
        "self": "https://www.example.com/v3/projects"

Obtain a Project ID from the Console

A project ID needs to be specified in the URIs of some APIs. Therefore, you need to obtain the project ID before calling APIs. The following procedure describes how to obtain a project ID:

  1. Log in to the management console.

  2. Click the username and select My Credentials from the drop-down list.

    On the My Credentials page, view project IDs in the project list.

    **Figure 1** Viewing project IDs

    Figure 1 Viewing project IDs

    In multi-project scenarios, expand the region, and obtain your sub-project ID from the Project ID column.