User Guide for the Open Telekom Cloud Status Dashboard

Welcome to the Open Telekom Cloud Status Dashboard – your go-to resource for monitoring the availability of various components in different regions. This guide is tailored for IT professionals to navigate and extract valuable insights from the Open Telekom Cloud platform.

Accessing the Status Website

Visit the Status Website at

Selecting Regions

The platform supports multiple regions. Choose the corresponding tab for your desired region (e.g., "EU-DE" for Germany or "EU-NL" for the Netherlands) to assess availability in that specific area.

Service Status

Services are categorized into sections such as Compute, Network, or Storage. Each service comes with an icon, also known as a semaphore.

  • Green: Service fully operational

  • Yellow: Service available but may have restrictions or slow response

  • Red: Service unresponsive or experiencing issues

  • Blue with a wrench: Planned downtime

Incident Displays

Current Incidents are displayed above the status area. Incidents are initially grouped as "Incident" until further analysis and resolution by a Service Manager. Updates provide real-time information on incident progress and estimated restoration times.

Incident History

Access the "Incident History" through the top-right menu. Explore a comprehensive history of past incidents.

Component Availability

Navigate to "Component Availability" in the menu. View component availability grouped by services for the past months. This feature offers insights into service performance over an extended period.

Suggestions for Visuals

  • Include screenshots of the website interface, emphasizing region tabs, service icons, and incident displays.

  • Diagrams illustrating the categorization of services and their corresponding icons.

  • Graphs showcasing historical component availability for a visual representation.

Pro Tips

  • Bookmark the Status Website for quick access during troubleshooting.

  • Leverage incident history to identify recurring patterns and potential optimizations.

  • Customize notifications based on your region and specific services using the platform's alert settings.

Thank you for utilizing Open Telekom Cloud. If you have any queries or encounter issues, our support team is ready to assist. Happy monitoring!