Open Telekom Cloud Security

Security is the foundation of trust in Cloud Computing. The combination of physical resilience, industry-level IT security measures,

Physical Security

Our data centers operate within the EU, in two regions each with three AZs. Regions: Germany and the Netherlands, built according to the Twin-Core principle. More information: Open Telekom Cloud Data Centers

Clear rules compliance, certified according to the ISO 27000 family: Open Telekom Cloud Certifications

Overview on physical security: Physical IT Security Blog Post

IT Security

Cyber Defense Team, access to over 1,000 security experts from Telekom, dedicated to the detection and prevention of attack patterns, providing continuous assessment of the security situation.

Security is achieved through the trusted collaboration between Security Services provided by the Open Telekom Cloud as the Cloud Provider and its customers, who have access to a comprehensive repertoire of services to their disposal, forming a Shared Responsibility.

A public database with detailed information on many known vulnerabilities can be found, for example, at NIST: National Vulnerability Database

Data Privacy

IT Security serves the protection of the most important cloud resource: your data! Open Telekom Cloud ensures data privacy from Europeans for Europe: Data Privacy


Open Telekom Cloud is designed according to established standards, operated using defined methods, and holds many well-documented and verifiable certificates confirming independently its measures. For detailed information: Open Telekom Cloud Certifications