Filtering Resources


On the My Resources page, set criteria in the search box to quickly locate the target resources.

Supported Filter Criteria

Table 1 Supported filter criteria




Enter a name in the search box for a fuzzy search. The resource name is case-insensitive.

Resource ID

Enter a resource ID in the search box for a fuzzy search. The resource ID is case-sensitive.


If you select Tags as a search criterion, Tag key and Tag value are displayed in sequence, and you need to select a tag key and value.

Enterprise Project

If you select Enterprise Project as a search criterion, all enterprise projects are displayed for your selection.


You need to enable the enterprise project service before filtering resources by enterprise project.


  1. Log in to the management console.

  2. In the homepage, choose Service List > Management & Deployment > Resource Management.

    **Figure 1** RMS service entry

    Figure 1 RMS service entry

  3. Click the search box, set the filter criterion, and enter the search content.

    **Figure 2** Filtering resources

    Figure 2 Filtering resources

  4. Click image1.