terraform-provider-opentelekomcloud Release Notes



  • [CCE] New attribute expiry_date in data_source/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_kubeconfig_v3. (#2388)


  • [CCE] Change flavor list for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 documentation (#2386)

  • [ELB] add note to l4_flavor and l7_flavor attributes for resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 (#2385)



  • [ELB] Update tls_ciphers_policy values for resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 (#2379)

Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] skip predefined taints for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#2380)

  • [ECS] Now possible to create a tag with empty value in resource/opentelekomcloud_ecs_instance_v1 (#2384)

  • [ECS] Now possible to create a tag with empty value in resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_instance_v2 (#2384)

  • [WAF] Fix resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_instance_v1 after API update (#2376)


  • [DOC] Add doc for examples (#2372)

  • [OBS] Update resource/opentelekomcloud_obs_bucket documentation by adding server side encryption example (#2371)


New Features

  • [DCAAS] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_dc_virtual_gateway_v2 (#2364) | [DCAAS] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_dc_virtual_interface_v2 (#2364)

  • [DCAAS] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_dc_endpoint_group_v2 (#2361)

Bug Fixes

  • [DCS] Fixed documentation password requirements for resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs_instance_v1 (#2367)

  • [VPC] Fix amount of fixed_ip available for resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_port_v2 (#2365)


  • Fix for ‘otc-terraform-visualize-main’ job links added more examples (#2369)

  • Added gate job ‘otc-terraform-visualize-main’ as part of provider unit testing and for additional graph visualization which are available on https://tf-viz-pages.obs-website.eu-de.otc.t-systems.com (#2348)

  • [DOCS] Fix config examples for examples folder (#2368)


New Features

  • [VPC] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_route_table_v1 (#2355)


  • [CCE] Add agency support for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#2351)

  • [CCE] Add agency support for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3 (#2351)


  • [RDS] PostgreSQL 13/14 parameters remove workaround for resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 after fix (#2353)



  • [VPC] Add name attribute to resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_eip_v1 (#2345)

  • [VPC] Search by name_regex in data-source/opentelekomcloud_vpc_eip_v1* (#2345)

  • [RDS] Enable restoration from backup to an existing RDS instance for resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2337)

  • [SMN] Add tags argument to resource/opentelekomcloud_smn_topic_v2 (#2340)

Bug Fixes

  • [VPC] Fix issue with port & protocol update for resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_secgroup_rule_v2 (#2341)


  • [CSS] Update OpenSearch documentation for resource/opentelekomcloud_css_cluster_v1 (#2344)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_compute_keypair_v2 (#2326)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_gaussdb_mysql_instance_v3 (#2327)


  • [ELB] Add ip_group argument to resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v2 (#2320)

Bug Fixes

  • [IAM] Fix resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 documentation (#2323)


  • [VPC] Added deprecation warning for resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_router_route_v2 (#2328)


  • [OBS] Fix documentation example for resource/opentelekomcloud_obs_bucket_policy (#2330)

  • [VPC] Refactoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_router_route_v2 (#2328)


New Features

  • [DRS] New resource resource/opentelekomcloud_drs_task_v3 (#2305)

  • [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_anti_leakage_rule_v1 (#2308)

  • [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_blacklist_rule_v1 (#2314) | [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_precise_protection_rule_v1 (#2314)

  • [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_geo_ip_rule_v1 (#2309) | [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_alarm_masking_rule_v1 (#2309)

  • [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_known_attack_source_rule_v1 (#2303)

  • [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_web_tamper_rule_v1 (#2307)


  • [DDS] Add new engine support for resource/opentelekomcloud_dds_instance_v3 (#2312)

  • [SFS] Add enhanced share support for resource/opentelekomcloud_sfs_turbo_share_v1 (#2316)

Bug Fixes

  • [VPC] Fix security group assignment for resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_port_v2 (#2310)

  • [RDS] RDS fix EIP assignment for resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2304)


New Features

  • [DCaaS] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_direct_connect_v2 and new datasource data/opentelekomcloud_direct_connect_v2 (#2287)

  • [TMS] New resource resource/opentelekomcloud_tms_tags_v1 (#2297)

  • [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_anti_crawler_rule_v1 (#2295)

  • [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_data_masking_rule_v1 (#2296)


  • [CCE] Support Ubuntu 22.04 in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#2292)

Bug Fixes

  • [ELB] Now can create or update ip_group with empty ip_list in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_ipgroup_v3 (#2285)

  • [ELB] Now can remove ip_group from resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 (#2285)

  • [ELB] Fix documentation for ip_list block in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_ipgroup_v3 (#2300)

  • [RDS] RDS keep_days zero value update for resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2286)


  • [DMS] Deprecate resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_instance_v1 (#2293)


  • [DCS] Attributes types info and change in examples for docs/resource/dcs_instance_v1.md (#2294)

  • [DCS] Attributes types info for docs/data-sources/dcs_az_v1.md (#2294)

  • [DMS] Update documentation with new engine version for resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_instance_v2 (#2293)

  • [Provider] Added max_backoff_retries with default 5 and backoff_retry_timeout with default 60 arguments to overcome limitations of rate limits (#2302)


New Features

  • [CCE] Set subnet_id and max_pods attributes in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3 (#2284)

  • [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_cc_rule_v1 (#2278)

  • [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_certificate_v1 (#2267)


  • [DMS] Add encryption for resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_instance_v2 (#2280)

Bug Fixes

  • [DCS] Added link to data source in available_zones attribute documentation for resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs_instance_v1 (#2274)

  • [ELB] Now possible to disable ip_group on update in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 (#2282)

  • [RDS] RDS keep_days zero value fix for resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2263)

  • [IAM] Fix resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 to return domain_id attribute (#2283)


  • [DNS] Update router doc and example in docs/resources/dns_zone_v2 (#2268)

  • [Index] Added authentication example for docs/index.md (#2275)


New Features

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_obs_bucket_replication (#2256)

  • [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_domain_v1 (#2248)

  • [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_policy_v1 (#2252)


  • [AS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_as_configuration_v1 (#2251)

  • [AS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_as_group_v1 (#2251)

  • [AS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_as_policy_v1 (#2251)

  • [AS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_as_policy_v2 (#2251)

  • [CCE] Add custom deletion for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 (#2261)

  • [ELB] Add import support for resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_whitelist_v2 (#2257)

  • [RDS] Enable resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 SSL parameter read (#2258)


  • [ELB] Updated EIP section in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 documentation (#2243)

  • [ELB] EIP type validation now removed from resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 (#2250)

  • [IAM] Resource resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 reworked after API change (#2259)


New Features

  • [IAM] New resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_provider resource to manage identity providers (#2232)

  • [WAF] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_dedicated_instance_v1 (#2241)


  • [IAM] Added all_projects setting for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_assignment_v3 (#2234)

  • [IAM] Added oidc support for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_protocol_v3 (#2233)

Bug Fixes

  • [VPC] Fix port_security_enabled false value handling in case of no_security_groups enabled for resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_port_v2 (#2228)


  • [RDS] Updated note regarding importing resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 documentation (#2230)

  • [RDS] Set tags attribute in data_source/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2236)


New Features

  • [DIS] New resource resource/opentelekomcloud_dis_checkpoint_v2 (#2211)

  • [DIS] New resource resource/opentelekomcloud_dis_dump_task_v2 (#2213)


  • [CCE] Allow skipping user certificate operations with ignore_certificate_users_data argument for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 (#2217)

  • [CCE] Allow skipping cluster certificate operations with ignore_certificate_clusters_data argument for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 (#2217)

  • [OBS] client respects HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables while creation (#2225)

  • [OBS] Added file system creation for resource/opentelekomcloud_obs_bucket (#2210)

  • [RDS] Implement parameter to manage case-sensitive state of the database table name resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2218)

  • [VPCEP] Domain whitelist implementation for opentelekomcloud_vpcep_service_v1 (#2221)

Bug Fixes

  • [DIS] rename app_name to name and app_id to id in resource/opentelekomcloud_dis_app_v2 (#2211)

  • [DIS] rename stream_name to name in resource/opentelekomcloud_dis_stream_v2 (#2211)

  • [FW] Fix resource update from tcp/udp to icmp protocol for resource/opentelekomcloud_fw_rule_v2 (#2212)

  • [IAM] Add project IDs for data/opentelekomcloud_identity_projects_v3 (#2224)

  • [IAM] Fix data/opentelekomcloud_identity_projects_v3 ID set (#2226)


  • [IMS] Refactoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_ims_* (#2088)

  • [IMS] Refactoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_images_* (#2088)


New Features

  • [CTS] New resource resource/opentelekomcloud_cts_tracker_v3 for SWISSCLOUD (#2203)

  • [DIS] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_dis_app_v2 (#2206)

  • [DIS] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_dis_stream_v2 (#2204)


  • [WAF] Alarm page configuration added for resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_domain_v1 (#2192)

Bug Fixes

  • [RDS] Fix resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 attribute read when SSL is enabled (#2205)

  • [RDS] Fix forcing update after switchover by storing azs in computed attribute availability_zones in resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2194)

  • [RDS] Temporary fix for PostrgeSQL failed backup_strategy setting of start_time in resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2194)

  • [VPC] Fix ICMP any secgroup rule creation resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_secgroup_rule_v2 (#2197)



  • [CES] Introduce alarm_type and alarm_frequency arguments for resource/opentelekomcloud_ces_alarmrule (#2189)

  • [CES] Import support added for resource/opentelekomcloud_ces_alarmrule (#2186)


  • [CES] Update documentation for resource/opentelekomcloud_ces_alarmrule (#2190)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_cce_addon_templates_v3 (#2184)


  • [DMS] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_user_permission_v1 (#2181)

  • [DMS] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_user_v2 (#2180)

  • [LTS] New LTS transfer resource resource/opentelekomcloud_logtank_transfer_v2 (#2183)


  • [RDS] Additional test for parameters block in resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2179)



  • [DCS] password optional now and no_password_access is true when password not set resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs_instance_v1 (#2174)

  • [DCS] whitelist and enable_whitelist not depends from each other now in resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs_instance_v1 (#2170)

Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Move wait for complete addon installation to another function to speed up cluster provisioning in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 (#2164)

  • [DCS] Removed access_user from documentation for resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs_instance_v1 (#2172)

  • [ECS] Fixed setting additional fields in data-source/opentelekomcloud_compute_instances_v2 (#2161)

  • [ECS] Storing security groups ids in data-source/opentelekomcloud_compute_instances_v2 (#2178)

  • [VPC] Fix secgroup rule creation resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_secgroup_rule_v2 (#2175)


  • [CCE] Add new templates in addon-templates-v1.25.md document (#2171)

  • [DOCS] links to doc portal in docs/resources/* (#2167)



  • [CCE] Add possibility to provide flavor in json format for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_addon_v3 documentation (#2147)

Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Fix for runtime trigger recreation of resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3, resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#2153) Anyway, handle with high caution, as it may cause recreation of existing resources if runtime is changed.

  • [IAM] Fix metadata setting for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_protocol_v3 (#2151)

  • [VPC] Fix 0 int values handling for resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_secgroup_rule_v2 (#2150)

  • [Provider] Fix provider plugin crash in cases when clouds.yaml file is improperly formatted (#2154)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_nat_gateway_v2 (#2145)

  • [Provider] Enable authorization via temporary AK/SK (#2144)


  • [CCE] Runtime options for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3, resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 and data_source/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3 (#2146)

  • New Resource:* opentelekomcloud_rds_backup_v3 (#2121)

Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Addon status check at resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 creation (#2140)

  • [ELB] Fix error messages typo in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v2 (#2143)


New Features

  • [ELB] New resource resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_security_policy_v3 (#2124)


  • [DCS] Support import for resource/opentelekomcloud_css_cluster_v1 (#2132)

  • [ELB] Add import support for opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v2 resource (#2122)

  • [VPC] Add name_regex attribute for filtering in data-source/opentelekomcloud_networking_secgroup_v2 (#2133)

Bug Fixes

  • [CSBS] Schema fix for tags parameter for resource/opentelekomcloud_csbs_* resources (#2136)

  • [CSS] Remove CSS cluster datastore validation resource/opentelekomcloud_css_cluster_v1 (#2135)

  • [ELB] Fix setting ip_group field in data/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 (#2126)



  • [ELB] add new ip_type and updated doc for resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v2 (#2115)

  • [ELB] New resource resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_ipgroup_v3 (#2120)

  • [ELB] Add ip_group argument to resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 (#2120)

  • [ELB] Add deletion_protection argument to resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 (#2109)

  • [ELB] Add advanced_forwarding, sni_match_algo and security_policy_id arguments to resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 (#2109)

  • [ELB] Add member_deletion_protection, vpc_id and type arguments to resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_pool_v3 (#2109)

  • [ELB] Add priority, fixed_response_config, redirect_url, redirect_url_config and redirect_pools_config argumentss to resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_policy_v3 (#2109)

  • [ELB] Add conditions argument to resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_rule_v3 (#2109)

  • [ELB] Add deletion_protection attribute to data_source/opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 (#2109)

  • [ELB] Add advanced_forwarding,``sni_match_algo`` and security_policy_id attributes to data_source/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 (#2109)

Bug Fixes

  • [DCS] Fixed documentation examples for data_source/opentelekomcloud_dcs_az_v1 (#2110)

  • [ELB] Fix setting _managed field for manually created resources in data/opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 (#2116)


  • [IAM] Add response attributes description for data_source/opentelekomcloud_identity_project_v3 (#2104)


Bug Fixes

  • [ELB] Fix query fields l7_flavor and l4_flavor in data/opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 (#2099)

  • [VPN] Minor fix for shared argument in documentation for resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_v1``and ``resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_network_v2 (#2101)


  • [CCE] Add Turbo cluster example for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 documentation (#2100)

  • [VPC] Import documentation update for resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_subnet_v1 (#2103)


New Features

  • [DMS] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_instance_v2 (#2091)

  • [DMS] Added EIP feature for resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_instance_v2 (#2095)

  • [IMS] Added possibility to create image from an data volume in resource/opentelekomcloud_ims_image_v2 (#2096)


  • [CES] Add slashes support for metric name in resource/opentelekomcloud_ces_alarmrule (#2084)

Bug Fixes

  • [IAM] Fix documentation for data/opentelekomcloud_identity_projects_v3 (#2092)

  • [OBS] Fix object deletion if versioning is enabled for resource/opentelekomcloud_obs_bucket (#2086)

  • [RDS] PostgreSQL 14 flavor check fix for resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2087)

  • [IAM] Fix mfa setting for data_source/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 (#2094)


New Features

  • [CBR] Implement sfs-turbo support for resource/opentelekomcloud_cbr_vault_v3 (#2080)

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_compute_instances_v2 (#2082)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_dws_cluster_v1 (#2061)

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_dws_flavors_v2 (#2064)

Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Fix extend_params for data_source/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#2077)

  • [DMS] Fix retention_time validation for resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_topic_v1 (#2066)


  • [RDS] PostgreSQL 13/14 parameters workaround for resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2068)

  • [CSBS] Refaсtoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_csbs_* (#2079)

  • [CSBS] Refaсtoring of data/opentelekomcloud_csbs_* (#2079)

  • [MRS] Refaсtoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_mrs_* (#2079)

  • [MRS] Refaсtoring of data/opentelekomcloud_mrs_* (#2079)

  • [VPC] Clarify usage of SNAT in resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_router_v2 (#2081)


New Features

  • [RDS] Add security features for resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2049)

Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Fixed conversion to map for stub_domains in coredns resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_addon_v3 (#2055)

  • [CCE] Added extend_params for volumes in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#2056)

  • [CCE] Added extend_params for volumes in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3 (#2056)

  • [DCS]: Fix pre-apply check with non-existent resource for DCS v3.0 for resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs_instance_v1 (#)

  • [DDS] Fixed tags management for resource/opentelekomcloud_dds_instance_v3 (#2060)

  • [RDS] PostgreSQL 14 flavor check fix for resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#2045)

  • [SWR] forward slash / support for repository name in opentelekomcloud_swr_domain_v2 (#2052)


  • [CCE] Deprecate extend_param for volumes in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#2056)

  • [CCE] Deprecate extend_param for volumes in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3 (#2056)

  • [CSS] Added ConflictsWith setting for configuration and automatic parameters in resource/opentelekomcloud_css_snapshot_configuration_v1 (#2057)


  • [CCE] Add pre-defined tag ignore for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#2042)


New Features

  • [DDS] Added features to scale/change flavors/add nodes for resource/opentelekomcloud_dds_instance_v3 (#2036)

Bug Fixes

  • [SWR] forward slash / support for name in opentelekomcloud_swr_repository_v2 (#2040)


  • [BMS] SDK Refactored (#1917)

  • [DDS] Refactoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_dds_instance_v3 after gophertelekomcloud update (#2032)

  • [DDS] Refactoring of data_source/opentelekomcloud_dds_instance_v3 after gophertelekomcloud update (#2032)

  • [DDS] Refactoring of data_source/opentelekomcloud_dds_flavors_v3 after gophertelekomcloud update (#2032)

  • [LTS] Refactoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_logtank_group_v2 with new API (#2041)

  • [LTS] Refactoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_logtank_topic_v2 with new API (#2041)

  • [RDS] Refactoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 after gophertelekomcloud update (#2029)

  • [RDS] Refactoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_swr_* after gophertelekomcloud update (#2033)



  • [CSS] Enable volume size scaling without resource recreation resource/opentelekomcloud_css_cluster_v1 (#2026)

  • [ECS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_secgroup_v2.go (#2025)

  • [ECS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_volume_attach_v2.go (#2025)

  • [EVS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_evs_volume_v3.go (#2025)

Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Add new predefined tag in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_nodes_v3 (#2024)

  • [CCE] Enable ignore of default CCE tags for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_nodes_v3 (#2028)

  • [CSS] CSS cluster version doc fix resource/opentelekomcloud_css_cluster_v1 (#2021)

  • [DDS] Fix not creating single-node resource/opentelekomcloud_dds_instance_v3 (#2027)


  • [Anti-DDoS] acceptance test refactoring acceptance/opentelekomcloud_antiddos_v1 (#2018)


  • [EVS] Fixed tests in acceptance/opentelekomcloud_compute_volume_attach_v2_test.go (#2025)


New Features

  • [CTS] New resource resource/opentelekomcloud_cts_event_notification_v3 (#2004)


  • [DCS] Refactoring in resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs* (#2005)

  • [ECS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_secgroup_v2 (#2014)

Bug Fixes

  • [AS] Disk metadata fix for resource/opentelekomcloud_as_configuration_v1 documentation (#2017)

  • [DCS] Fix import in resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs_instance_v1 (#2005)


  • [RDS] data_source/opentelekomcloud_rds_flavors_v1 support will be discontinued in favor of RDS v3 (#2010)

  • [RDS] resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v1 support will be discontinued in favor of RDS v3 (#2010)


  • [AS] Refactoring of acceptance tests resource/opentelekomcloud_as* (#2015)

  • [IMS] Added list of systems roles in the documentation of resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_v3 (#2009)

  • [RDS] Added example with changing timezone in resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 documentation (#2006)

  • [VPN] Add validation and update documentation for psk in resource/opentelekomcloud_vpnaas_site_connection_v2 (#2011)


Bug Fixes

  • [NAT] Not using tags assigment in eu-ch2 region, api not published for resource/opentelekomcloud_nat_gateway_v2 (#2000)

  • [VPN] Minor example fixes in documentation for resource/opentelekomcloud_vpnaas_site_connection_v2 (#2003)


  • [CTS] Complete overhaul of resource/opentelekomcloud_cts_tracker_v1 to be up to date with current CTS version (#1994)

  • [CTS] Complete overhaul of data_source/opentelekomcloud_cts_tracker_v1 to be up to date with current CTS version (#1994)


New Features

  • [ELB] added suppress functions to size and type to have ability change eip bandwidth in opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 (#1991)


  • [ELB] Added latest ciphers listener options resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 (#1982)

  • [IAM] Added MFA info for data_source/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 (#1987)

Bug Fixes

  • [ECS] Password permissions fix in data_source_opentelekomcloud_compute_instance_v2 (#1985)


  • [IAM] Removed redundant default_project_id and region attributes for data_source/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 (#1987)


  • [AS] Metadata type, and other struct changes in resource/opentelekomcloud_as_* (#1988)

  • Dependencies: update terraform-plugin-sdk to v2.24.1 (#1990)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_cce_addon_template_v3 (#1981)

Bug Fixes

  • [OBS] Fix versioning documentation in docs/resources/obs_bucket.md (#1979)

  • [NAT] Add import in resource/opentelekomcloud_nat_gateway_v2 (#1973)


Bug Fixes

  • [VPC] Merge error in #1957 port_id should be computed in resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_eip_v1 (#1971)


New Features

  • [IAM] New data/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_custom_v3 to query custom roles (#1965)

Bug Fixes

  • [DCS] Fixed schema validation and documentation for resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs_instance_v1 (#1960)

  • [VPC] Revert compute from port_id add unbind_port parameter in resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_eip_v1 (#1957)

  • [Provider] Fix GetRegion method for provider in case AK/SK is used with region (#1955)


  • [AS] Get rid of inline Extracts and refactoring for resource/opentelekomcloud_as_* (#1963)

  • [CSS] Get rid of inline Extracts and refactoring for resource/opentelekomcloud_css_* (#1966)

  • [VPC] Change VPC subnet default secondary DNS to OTC DNS in services/vpc/utils.go and docs docs/resources/networking_subnet_v2.md docs/resources/vpc_subnet_v1.md (#1964)

  • [IAM] Refactoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_v3 (#1965)



  • [CCE] Support EulerOS 2.9 in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1950)

  • [ECS] Added password attribute to opentelekomcloud_compute_instance_v2 resource for Windows instances (#1947)

  • [DCS] Whitelist feature implemented for resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs_instance_v1 (#1944)

Bug Fixes

  • [DCS] Fixed security_group_id dependencies for resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs_instance_v1 (#1944)

  • [VPC] Remove compute from port_id for possibility to un assign port in resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_eip_v1 (#1946)


  • [CCE] Add notes about different regions in addon-templates-v1.17.9.md and addon-templates-v1.19.8.md documentation (#1953)


Bug Fixes

  • [IAM] Backwards compatibility for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_assignment_v3 (#1938)

  • [IAM] User creation fix for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 after API update (#1936)


  • [EVS] Changes for resource/opentelekomcloud_blockstorage_volume_v2 after gophertelekomcloud refactoring (#1937)

  • [VPCEP] Documentation update for resource/opentelekomcloud_vpcep_endpoint_v1 (#1941)

  • Dependencies: update gophertelekomcloud vpcep component (#1942)


Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Fix kube_proxy_mode after CCE update for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 (#1920)

  • [ECS] Documentation fixed for policy parameter in resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_servergroup_v2 (#1933)

  • [CSS] Schema version fix for resource/opentelekomcloud_ccss_cluster_v1 documentation (#1931)

  • [CCE] Fix reading taints and labels for eu-ch2 in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1916)

  • [LTS] Fix TTL setting in resource/opentelekomcloud_logtank_group_v2 (#1908)


  • [CBR] Update bind_rule doc and examples in docs/resources/cbr_vault_v3 (#1919)

  • [CBR] Get rid of inline Extracts for resource/opentelekomcloud_cbr_* after gophertelekomcloud refactoring (#1923)

  • [CCE] Add ICAgent installation example for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 documentation (#1926)

  • [ECS] Validation/tests added for policy parameter resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_servergroup_v2 (#1933)

  • [EVS] Get rid of inline Extracts for common/customize_diffs after gophertelekomcloud refactoring (#1924)

  • [SDRS] Documentation and tests update for data_source/opentelekomcloud_sdrs_domain_v1 (#1932)

  • [SDRS] Documentation and tests update for resource/opentelekomcloud_sdrs_protectiongroup_v1 (#1932)


New Features

  • [AS] Add validation for action percentage and size in opentelekomcloud_as_policy_v2 (#1905)

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_lb_flavors_v3 (#1907)

  • [IAM] Add conditions parameter for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_v3 (#1893)


  • [AS] make delete_publicip and delete_instances required in resource/opentelekomcloud_as_group_v1 (#1891)

  • [DCS] Clarify example for engine version 5.0 docs/resources/dcs_instance_v1 (#1912)

Bug Fixes

  • [CBR] Fix setting include_volumes in resource/opentelekomcloud_cbr_vault_v3 (#1900)

  • [CES] Remove deprecated insufficientdata_actions block from logic&documentation for resource/opentelekomcloud_ces_alarmrule (#1890)

  • [OBS] Fix bucket creation on Swisscloud for resource/opentelekomcloud_obs_bucket (#1904)


  • [VBS] Clarify usage of week_frequency in docs/resources/vbs_backup_policy_v2.md (#1900)

  • [CES] API link changes for resource/opentelekomcloud_ces_alarmrule after gophercloud refactoring (#1890)

  • [DNS] Add TXT doc example and comment for resource/opentelekomcloud_dns_recordset_v2 (#1887)

  • [IMS] Minor fix in``docs/data-sources/images_image_v2.md`` (#1903)



  • [EVS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_blockstorage_volume_v2 (#1871)

  • [IAM] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_group_membership_v3 (#1880)

  • [IAM] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_assignment_v3 (#1880)

  • [IAM] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_group_v3 (#1880)

  • [RDS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#1873)

  • [SFS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_sfs_turbo_share_v1 (#1870)

Security Issues

  • [IAM] Make AKSK encryption optional for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_credential_v3 (#1869)


  • [VBS] Update doc timeout section in resource/opentelekomcloud_vbs_backup_v2 (#1882)



  • [CES] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_ces_alarmrule (#1847)

  • [DNS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_dns_zone_v2 (#1865)

  • [DNS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_dns_recordset_v2 (#1865)

  • [ECS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_instance_v2 (#1857)

  • [ECS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_keypair_v2 (#1857)

  • [VPC] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_eip_v1 (#1849)

  • [ELB] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_member_v2 (#1852)

  • [ELB] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_monitor_v2 (#1852)

  • [ELB] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_pool_v2 (#1852)

  • [ELB] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_whitelist_v2 (#1852)

  • [ELB] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v2 (#1852)

  • [ELB] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v2 (#1852)

  • [ELB] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_l7rule_v2 (#1852)

  • [ELB] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_l7policy_v2 (#1852)

  • [ELB] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_certificate_v2 (#1852)

  • [KMS] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_kms_key_v1 (#1866)

  • [IAM] Add email validation for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 (#1855)

  • [VPC] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_floatingip_associate_v2 (#1853)

  • [VPC] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_floatingip_v2 (#1853)

  • [VPC] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_port_v2 (#1853)

  • [VPC] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_peering_connection_v2 (#1853)

  • [VPC] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_route_v2 (#1853)

Bug Fixes

  • [DCS] Change Capacity from int to float64 (#1851)

  • [ECS] Fix recreating with opentelekomcloud_compute_volume_attach_v2 in opentelekomcloud_ecs_instance_v1 (#1843)

  • [IAM] Fix for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 updateResource if email was deleted and welcome_message was forced to be sent (#1855)

  • [VPC] Fix status attr for resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_subnet_v1 (#1846)


  • [DMS] Discard resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_group_v1 due to DMS Queue Manager discontinuation (#1864)

  • [DMS] Discard resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_queue_v1 due to DMS Queue Manager discontinuation (#1864)



  • [CBR] Add possibility to Update tags in resource/opentelekomcloud_cbr_vault_v3 (#1833)

  • [IAM] New resource argument for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_v3 (#1767)

Bug Fixes

  • [CBR] Fix tags schema in resource/opentelekomcloud_cbr_vault_v3 after gopher refactoring (#1830)

  • [ELB] Fix HTTPS for resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_pool_v3


  • [CSBS] Fix space_saving_ratio type in resource/resource_opentelekomcloud_csbs_backup_v1 (#1837)

  • [DNS] Fix TXT recordsed quoting in resource/opentelekomcloud_dns_recordset_v2 (#1829)

  • [VPC] Fix deleting OpenTelekomCloud Neutron Router Interface in resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_router_interface_v2 (#1836)

  • [IAM] Unsupported argument user_id removed from resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_assignment_v3 (#1828)

  • [IAM] Fix resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 read and update logic (#1812)


  • [IAM] Refactoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_v3 (#1767)

  • [IAM] Tests updated for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_assignment_v3 (#1828)

  • [IAM] Test refactoring for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 (#1812)


New Features

  • [IAM] New data/opentelekomcloud_identity_projects_v3 data source (#1798)


  • [CCE] Add kms key id for system volume via kms_id in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3 and resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1813)

  • [CCE] Add PollInterval in resourceCCEAddonV3Delete in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_addon_v3 (#1810)

Bug Fixes

  • [KMS] Fix key deletion with enabled rotation in resource/opentelekomcloud_kms_key_v1 (#1823)


New Features

  • [DMS] Add new resource resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_topic_v1 (#1788)


  • [ECS] Return IDs of data_disks and system_disk in resource/opentelekomcloud_ecs_instance_v1 (#1801)

  • [KMS] Add cancelling deletion via allow_cancel_deletion in resource/opentelekomcloud_kms_key_v1 (#1806)

Bug Fixes

  • [CBR] Add support of exclude_volumes and include_volumes for resource in resource/opentelekomcloud_cbr_vault_v3 (#1802)

  • [IAM] Fix credential dependency (ForceNew field) in resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_credential_v3 (#1785)


Security Issues

  • [IAM] Add AK/SK gpg encryption for resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_credential_v3 (#)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_cbr_backup_v3 (#1779)

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_cbr_backup_ids_v3 (#1779)


  • [ECS] search ecs by name data/opentelekomcloud_compute_instance_v2 (#1790)

Bug Fixes

  • [CSS] CSS cluster version doc fix resource/opentelekomcloud_css_cluster_v1 (#1794)

Security Issues

  • [IAM] Mark access and secret fields Sensitive in resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_credential_v3 (#1787)

  • [IAM] Mark access and secret fields Sensitive in data_source/opentelekomcloud_identity_credential_v3 (#1787)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_compute_instance_v2 (#1772)

Bug Fixes

  • [DNS] Add proper error logging for resource/opentelekomcloud_dns_zone_v2 router (#1783)



  • [KMS] Add key rotation support in resource/opentelekomcloud_kms_key_v1 (#1774)

Bug Fixes

  • [IAM] Fix issue with description update in resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 (#1773)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_lb_member_ids_v2 (#1766)


  • [CCE] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 (#1756)

  • [CCE] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1756)

  • [CCE] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3 (#1756)

  • [CCE] Reduce amount of init client requests in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_addon_v3 (#1756)

  • [VPC] Add description field in resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_subnet_v1 (#1760)

  • [IAM] Add description field in resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 (#1761)

  • [VPC] Add description field in resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_v1 (#1758)

Bug Fixes

  • [DDS] Add ForceNew in backup_strategy schema in resource/opentelekomcloud_dds_instance_v3 (#1765)



  • [VPC] Fix issue with throttling in resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_secgroup_rule_v2 and resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_secgroup_v2 (#1754)


New Features

  • New Data Source: Add opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#1739)


  • [VPN] Make resource/opentelekomcloud_vpnaas_site_connection_v2 enabled by default (#1743)

Bug Fixes

  • [ELB] Fix issue with null value of default_pool_id in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 (#1746)

  • [RDS] Fix issue with Restart call in resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#1747)



  • [ECS] Minor style fixes in documentation of resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_floatingip_v2 and resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_floatingip_associate_v2

  • [ECS] Export nics.*.port_id and nics.*.type values in resource/opentelekomcloud_ecs_instance_v1 (#1737)

Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Fix issue with missing ForceNew in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3 (#1725)


  • [IAM] Update documentation in data_source/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_v3 (#1734)

  • [ECS] Remove use-cases with deprecated resources in documentation examples in resource/opentelekomcloud_ecs_instance_v1 (#1737)

  • [VPC] Update resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_floatingip_v2 and resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_floatingip_associate_v2 documentation (#1738)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_dns_nameservers_v2 (#1715)


  • [CCE] Make resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 creation fail early if node ID can’t be determined (#1706)

Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Fix getting node ID from not yet started job in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1710)

  • [ELB] Allow passing id to public_ip block in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 for using existing EIP. (#1713)

  • [CCE] Fix issue with new k8s tag which produces ForceNew in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1711)


  • [ECS] resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_floatingip_v2 and resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_floatingip_associate_v2 APIs are marked as discarded in documentation (#1708)


  • [ELB] Update EIP type limitation in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 to be up to the documentation. (#1713)



  • [CCE] Support eni network for turbo cluster resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 and data_source/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3. (#1698)


  • [ELB] Add missing bandwidth_name to example in opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 documentation



OBS resources now do not support S3-compatibility mode (see below for the details).”


  • [ELB] Add import support to resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_member_v2 (#1684)

Bug Fixes

  • [ECS] Fix populating value of network.port of resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_instance_v2 (#1686)

  • [VPC] Fix not empty result of searching by public or private IP in data_source/opentelekomcloud_vpc_eip_v1 (#1690)

  • [ELB] Allow passing zero to weight of resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_member_v2 (#1693)

  • [NAT] Retry resource/opentelekomcloud_nat_snat_rule_v2 creation for one minute if it failed due to HTTP 400 error (including DnatRuleInValidPortID error). (#1689)

Known Issues

  • [OBS] Fix not encrypting OBS bucket with kms algorythm (#1685)

Upgrade Notes

  • [OBS] SSE algorithm aws:kms is now not supported for resource/opentelekomcloud_obs_bucket, please use kms instead.

  • [OBS] Rules passed to resource/opentelekomcloud_obs_bucket_policy should be OBS-specififc, e.g.

      "Statement": [
          "Effect": "Allow",
          "Principal": {
            "ID": [
          "Action": [
          "Resource": [

    instead of S3-compatible

      "Version": "2008-10-17",
      "Statement": [
          "Effect": "Allow",
          "Principal": {
            "AWS": [
          "Action": [
          "Resource": [

    For S3-compatible rules use resource/opentelekomcloud_s3_bucket_policy.


  • [ECS] Fix incorrect values in the documentation examples of resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_instance_v2 (#1687)

  • [ECS] Add example for encrypted disks usage with resource/opentelekomcloud_ecs_instance_v1 (#1695)



  • [ELB] Reduce number of requests when creating and deleting resoure/opentelekomcloud_lb_member_v2 to avoid throttling errors (#1678)

Bug Fixes

  • [ELB] Fix creation and update for resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 with TCP protocol (#1677)



  • [IAM] Make data/opentelekomcloud_identity_project_v3 use current project by default (#1665)

  • [NAT] Add tags argument to resource/opentelekomcloud_nat_gateway_v2 (#1669)

  • [WAF] Removal automatically created policy when policy_id is set in resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_domain_v1 (#1667)

Bug Fixes

  • [WAF] Fix policy-related errors in resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_domain_v1 (#1667)


  • [WAF] Deprecating applying policy to domain via hosts argument of resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_domain_v1 (#1667)


  • [ELB] Clarify transparent_client_ip_enable argument description in documentation of resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v2 (#1666)


Bug Fixes

  • [WAF] Fix creation of resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_ccattackprotection_rule_v1 (#1656)

  • [WAF] Fix import of resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_ccattackprotection_rule_v1 (#1656)

  • [WAF] Fix import of resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_preciseprotection_rule_v1 (#1658)

  • [WAF] Fix reading of policy_id in resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_whiteblackip_rule_v1 (#1653)

  • [WAF] Fix broken resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_webtamperprotection_rule_v1 (#1664)

  • [WAF] Fix broken resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_datamasking_rule_v1 (#1664)

  • [WAF] Fix import of resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_whiteblackip_rule_v1 (#1661)

Known Issues

  • [WAF] resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_falsealarmmasking_rule_v1 marked as deprecated due to API changes (#1664)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_kubeconfig_v3 (#1649)


  • [CSS] Make elasicsearch a default value for datastore.type in resource/opentelekomcloud_css_cluster_v1 (#1638)

  • [CSS] Add tags argument to resource/opentelekomcloud_css_cluster_v1 (#1639)

  • [ELB] Add transparent_client_ip_enable argument to resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v2 (#1648)


  • [VPC] Add 5_gray type to resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_eip_v1 documentation and examples (#1646)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_identity_agency_v3 (#1631)


  • [VPN] Add example of create_before_destroy usage to opentelekomcloud_vpnaas_endpoint_group_v2 documentation (#1632)



  • [CCE] initial_node_count can now be zero in opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3 (#1620)

  • [RDS] Add restore_point argument to opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 resource allowing to restore RDS instance backup as a new instance (#1624)

Bug Fixes

  • [NAT] Fix reading source_type field in resource/opentelekomcloud_nat_snat_rule_v2 (#1629)


  • [IAM] Add missing import section in resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_agency_v3 documentation (#1626)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_rds_backup_v3 (#1620)

Bug Fixes

  • [ELB] Fix wrong endpoint in EU-NL region (#1617)


Bug Fixes

  • [ECS] Find image by name using IMSv2 API instead of discarded compute image API (#1609)

  • [BMS] Find image by name using IMSv2 API instead of discarded compute image API (#1609)

  • [MRS] Fix creation process in resource/opentelekomcloud_mrs_cluster_v1 (#1603)


  • [MRS] Update documentation in resource/opentelekomcloud_mrs_cluster_v1 (#1603)


Bug Fixes

  • [ECS] Fix refreshing state of resource/opentelekomcloud_ecs_instance_v1 when ECS is deleted (#1586)

  • [KMS] Fix reading of issuing_principal in resource/opentelekomcloud_kms_grant_v1 (#1593)

  • [KMS] Fix init client in eu-nl region (#1593)

  • [CBR] Add missing ForceNew in tags block in resource/opentelekomcloub_cbr_vault_v3 (#1600)


  • [ECS] resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_secgroup_v2 APIs are marked as discarded in documentation (#1594)



  • [ECS] Add possibility to encrypt system_disk in resource/opentelekomcloud_ecs_instance_v1 (#1582)



  • [CCE] Improve documentation of random value of availability_zone for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3 (#1573)

  • [ELB] Allow import of resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_certificate_v2 (#1580)

  • [ELB] Add expire_time attribute to resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_certificate_v2 (#1580)

Bug Fixes

  • [CSBS] Fix not working search by ID in data_source/opentelekomcloud_csbs_backup_v1 and data_source/opentelekomcloud_csbs_backup_policy_v1 (#1576)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_vpc_bandwidth_v2 (#1561)


  • [NAT] Clarify documentation for scenario switch in resource/opentelekomcloud_nat_dnat_rule_v2 (#1553)

  • [S3] Fix error on removing website from resource/opentelekomcloud_s3_bucket


  • [VPC] data_source/opentelekomcloud_vpc_bandwidth is now deprecated in favor of data_source/opentelekomcloud_vpc_bandwidth_v2 (#1561)


  • [ELB] Classic load balancer resources are removed (#1558)


New Features

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_vpc_bandwidth_associate_v2 (#1549)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_vpc_bandwidth_v2 (#1548)


  • [CBR] Fix crash while unasssigning resources from resource/opentelekomcloud_cbr_vault_v3 (#1546)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_lb_certificate_v3 (#1530)

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 (#1526)

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 (#1529)


  • [CCE] Add docker_base_size and docker_lvm_config_override arguments to resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1536)

  • [CCE] Add extend params to the resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3: max_pods, docker_base_size, docker_lvm_config_override (#1537)

  • [EVS] Ignore changes of metadata.backupId in resource/opentelekomcloud_blockstorage_volume_v2 (#1533)

Bug Fixes

  • [ELB] Fix wrong name of field member_retry_enable in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 (#1532)


  • [ELB] Fix missprint in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 documentation (#1531)


New Features

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_lb_certificate_v3 (#1505)

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_lb_flavor_v3 (#1502)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_lb_listener_v3 (#1508)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v3 (#1501)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_lb_member_v3 (#1517)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_lb_monitor_v3 (#1522)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_lb_policy_v3 (#1518)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_lb_pool_v3 (#1509)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_lb_rule_v3 (#1523)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_identity_user_group_membership_v3 (#1485)


  • [CCE] Avoid failing CCE node read if reading of k8s node fails in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1503)

  • [ELB] Improve documentation of loadbalancer resources (#1520)

  • [ELB] Add import support for opentelekomcloud_lb_loadbalancer_v2 resource (#1516)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_vpcep_public_service_v1 (#1467)

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_vpcep_service_v1 (#1470)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_vpcep_endpoint_v1 (#1474)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_vpcep_service_v1 (#1466)


  • [CCE] Allow skipping addons operations with ignore_addons argument for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 (#1479)

Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Fix import crash in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3 (#1478)


New Features

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_waf_alarm_notification_v1 (#1458)

Bug Fixes

  • [SMN] Fix broken Delete in resource/opentelekomcloud_smn_subscription_v2 (#1442)

  • [VPC] Fix not working search by id in data_source/opentelekomcloud_vpc_peering_connection_v2 (#1455)

  • [VPC] Fix not working search by id in data_source/opentelekomcloud_vpc_route_v2 (#1452)


  • [ELB] Use loadbalancer-specific endpoint instead of networking one for ELB v2 resources (#1443)

  • [Provider] Increase default value for maximum retries for the requests to 2 (#1448)



  • [Provider] Authenticate function uses the first cloud specified in clouds.yaml if OS_CLOUD not set (#1431)


  • [DNS] Remove redundant fields transferred_at, attributes and version in data_source/opentelekomcloud_dns_zone_v2 (#1424)



  • [CCE] Add authenticating_proxy argument to resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 (#1418)

  • [RDS] Add new field az_status in flavors schema in data_source/opentelekomcloud_rds_flavors_v3 (#1409)

  • [NAT] Add validations for each argument in resource/opentelekomcloud_nat_dnat_rule_v2 (#1406)

  • [CSBS] Change type of the average_speed field of the data_source/opentelekomcloud_csbs_backup_v1 to float (#1411)

Bug Fixes

  • [DCS] Fix not creating single-node resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs_instance_v1 (#1415)

  • [IAM] Fix broken sending of Welcome email in resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 (#1405)

  • [DEH] Fix invalid fields types in resource/opentelekomcloud_deh_host_v1 (#1412)

  • [DEH] Remove faulty redundant setting of addresses in data_source/opentelekomcloud_deh_server_v1 (#1412)


  • [CCE] Mark authenticating_proxy_ca argument of resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 as deprecated, as passing only CA is not enough in current CCE version (#1418)


  • [RDS] Add validations in data_source/opentelekomcloud_rds_flavors_v3 (#1409)

  • [NAT] Use SDK for operating resource/opentelekomcloud_nat_dnat_rule_v2 (#1406)

  • [RDS] Add validation for flavor, subnet_id and vpc_id in resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#1410)


Bug Fixes

  • [BMS] Fix potential panic in data_source/opentelekomcloud_compute_bms_server_v2 (#1396)

  • [DEH] Fix potential panic in resource/opentelekomcloud_deh_host_v1 (#1396)

  • [ELB] Fix panics in deprecated ELBv1 resources: resource/opentelekomcloud_elb_loadbalancer, resource/opentelekomcloud_elb_listener, resource/opentelekomcloud_elb_health, resource/opentelekomcloud_elb_backend (#1378)

  • [IAM] Fix error reading resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_role_assignment_v3 (#1389)

  • [ELB] Fix timeout during deletion of resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_certificate_v2 bound to a listener (#1377)

  • [RDS] Fix panic when creating resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_read_replica_v3 with empty public_ips (#1398)

  • [VPC] Fix broken delete in resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_subnet_v1 (#1394)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_compute_flavor_v2 (#1349)


  • [CCE] Add missing fields in data_volumes schema in data_source/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1342)

  • [IMS] Add file attribute to resource/opentelekomcloud_ims_image_v2 (#1366)

Bug Fixes

  • [CSS] Fix incorrect usage of encryption_key in resource/opentelekomcloud_css_cluster_v1 (#1343)

  • [VPC] Fix wrong network_id setting in resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_subnet_v1 (#1341)

  • [DMS] Fix panic produced by wrong type of created in resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_queue_v1 (#1374)

  • [FW] Fix errors when creating/updating/deleting resource/opentelekomcloud_fw_firewall_group_v2 (#1329)

  • [FW] Fix incorrect wait for resource/opentelekomcloud_fw_policy_v2 deletion (#1329)

  • [IMS] Fix errors when using resource/opentelekomcloud_images_image_v2 (#1339)

  • [IMS] Fix panic using resource/opentelekomcloud_ims_image_v2 (#1366)

  • [RDS] Fix panic when using resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v1 (#1354)

  • [MRS] Fix panic creating resource/opentelekomcloud_mrs_cluster_v1 (#1362)

  • [NAT] Fix unstable invalid port error in resource/opentelekomcloud_nat_dnat_rule_v2 (#1356)

  • [CSBS] Fix broken CRUD workflow in resource/opentelekomcloud_csbs_backup_v1 (#1359)


  • [CCE] Remove redundant spec_extend_param in data_source/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1342)

  • [CCE] Remove redundant extend_param in data_source/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1342)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_sfs_turbo_share_v1 (#1299)


  • [CES] Improve validations in resource/opentelekomcloud_ces_alarmrule (#1313)

Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Fix panic at resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 creation (#1319)

  • [CES] Fix issue with wrong types of metric and condition in resource/opentelekomcloud_ces_alarmrule (#1313)

  • [IAM] Add missing fields enabled and is_domain in data_source/opentelekomcloud_identity_project_v3 (#1304)

  • [VPC] Fix invalid read in resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_floatingip_associate_v2 (#1300)

  • [VPC] Fix failing wait after creation in resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_router_interface_v2 (#1302)

  • [IAM] Fix crash when using data_source/opentelekomcloud_identity_user_v3 (#1310)


New Features

  • New Data Source: opentelekomcloud_obs_bucket (#1293)

  • [DMS] Add possibility to set retention_policy in resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_instance_v1 (#1289)


  • [RDS] Allow setting public_ips for resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_read_replica_v3 (#1296)

Bug Fixes

  • [KMS] Add missing field expiration_time in data_source/opentelekomcloud_kms_key_v1 (#1284)

  • [DMS] Fix port type in resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_instance_v1 (#1289)

  • [NAT] Fix wrong source_type field type in resource/opentelekomcloud_nat_snat_rule_v2 (#1286)

  • [WAF] Fix certificate_id change not applied in resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_domain_v1 (#1294)


  • [KMS] Update key_state validation in data_source/opentelekomcloud_kms_key_v1 (#1284)

  • [DMS] Add validations for UUIDs and name in resource/opentelekomcloud_dms_instance_v1 (#1289)

  • [NAT] Add validations for UUIDs in resource/opentelekomcloud_nat_snat_rule_v2 (#1286)


Bug Fixes

  • [DEH] Fix issue with setting id in resource/opentelekomcloud_deh_host_v1 (#1280)

  • [DNS] Fix not working tags in data_source/opentelekomcloud_dns_zone_v2 (#1277)

  • [CCE] Fix apply reverting autoscaling for resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_pool_v3 (#1279)

  • [VPC] Fix issue with setting id in resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_vip_v2 (#1282)

  • [RTS] Fix issue with setting id in resource/opentelekomcloud_rts_software_config_host_v1 (#1281)


  • [Anti-DDoS] Deprecate resource/opentelekomcloud_antiddos_v1 (#1271)



  • [IAM] Add metadata argument to resource/opentelekomcloud_identity_protocol_v3 (#1197)

  • [RDS] Add parameters argument to resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#1244)

Bug Fixes

  • [EVS] Fix panic when using resource/opentelekomcloud_blockstorage_volume_v2 (#1249)

  • [CBR] Make resource field of resource/opentelekomcloud_cbr_vault_v3 ignore item order (#1250)

  • [VPC] Fix panic when using resource/opentelekomcloud_vpc_peering_connection_v2 and data_source/opentelekomcloud_vpc_peering_connection_v2 (#1242)

  • [VPC] Fix panic when using data_source/opentelekomcloud_vpc_route_v2 (#1240)


New Features

  • New Data Source: data_source/opentelekomcloud_networking_secgroup_rule_ids_v2 (#1226)


  • [DCS] Allow to change configuration parameters in resource/opentelekomcloud_dcs_instance_v1 (#1232)

  • [OBS] Add event_notifications to resource/opentelekomcloud_obs_bucket (#1235)

Bug Fixes

  • [VPC] Fix issue with setting id in data_source/opentelekomcloud_vpc_v1 (#1237)

  • [ELB] Fix issue with setting id in resource/opentelekomcloud_lb_member_v2 (#1229)



  • [CCE] Export IDs of autogenerated security groups in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_cluster_v3 (#1225)

  • [CCE] Add possibility to set taints in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1191)

Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Read k8s_tags in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1223)

  • [CCE] Read taints in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1221)


  • [IAM] Clarify usage of data_source/opentelekomcloud_identity_auth_scope_v3 (#1219)

  • [EVS] Change v2 to v3 tags API in resource/opentelekomcloud_evs_volume_v3 (#1218)


New Features

  • [CCE] Add possibility to set subnet_id in resource/opentelekomcloud_cce_node_v3 (#1214)

  • New Resource: resource/opentelekomcloud_smn_topic_attribute_v2 (#1217)

Bug Fixes

  • [CTS] Make operations, is_send_all_key_operation and topic_id fields Optional in resource/opentelekomcloud_cts_tracker_v1 (#1215)


  • [AS] Deprecate lb_listener_id in resource/opentelekomcloud_as_group_v1 (#1212)


  • [AS] Update doc examples in resource/opentelekomcloud_as_group_v1 (#1212)


New Features

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_as_policy_v2 (#1194)


  • Add enhancements section to the release notes (#1207)

Bug Fixes

  • [WAF] Fix use of logic field in resource/opentelekomcloud_waf_preciseprotection_rule_v1 (#1193)

  • [RDS] Fix wrong order of AZs in resource/opentelekomcloud_rds_instance_v3 (#1203)


New Features

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_css_snapshot_configuration_v1 (#1183)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_identity_protocol_v3 (#1195)

  • New Resource: opentelekomcloud_kms_grant_v1 (#1185)


  • [Networking] Refaсtoring of resource/opentelekomcloud_networking_router_v2 (#1190)


Bug Fixes

  • [CCE] Add new addon template spec for v1.19.8 k8s version (#1172)

  • [ECS] Don’t read image_name if it’s set in resource/opentelekomcloud_compute_instance_v2 (#1181)

  • Fix panic when using opentelekomcloud_networking_secgroup_v2 data source (#1176)


  • Initialize releasenotes building with reno.

  • Dependencies: update terraform-plugin-sdk to v2.7.0 (#1177)