Uploading an Object in Server-Side Encryption Mode

OBS allows you to encrypt objects with server-side encryption so that the objects can be securely stored in OBS.

In a bucket with server-side encryption disabled, objects uploaded to it are not encrypted by default. You can configure server-side encryption when uploading objects. In a bucket with server-side encryption enabled, objects uploaded to it inherit the encryption settings of the bucket. You can also separately configure encryption for the objects.

Limitations and Constraints

  • The object encryption status cannot be changed.

  • A key in use cannot be deleted. Otherwise, the object encrypted with this key cannot be downloaded.

  • Objects encrypted on the server side cannot be shared.


In the region where OBS is deployed, the KMS Administrator permission has been added to the user group. For details about how to add permissions, see the IAM User Guide.


  1. In the bucket list, click the bucket you want to operate. The Overview page is displayed.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Objects.

  3. Click Upload Object. The Upload Object dialog box is displayed.

  4. Add the files to be uploaded.

  5. Select KMS encryption and select a key that you have created on KMS.


    If the default encryption has been enabled for the bucket, uploaded objects are automatically encrypted.

    After KMS encryption is selected, obs/default is selected by default as the key for the encryption. You can also click Create KMS Key to switch to the KMS management console and create a customer master key. Then go back to OBS Console and select the key from the drop-down list.

    **Figure 1** Encrypting an object to be uploaded

    Figure 1 Encrypting an object to be uploaded

  6. Click Upload.

    After the object is uploaded successfully, you can view its encryption status in the object list.