Granting Anonymous Users Permission to Access Folders

If all objects in a folder need to be accessible to anonymous users, you can configure a bucket policy or an object policy to grant anonymous users the permission to access the folder. In this example, a bucket policy is used. If you want to use an object policy to grant permission, select the target folder and configure an object policy. Parameters in both types of policies are the same.


  1. In the bucket list, click the bucket you want to operate. The Overview page is displayed.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Permissions.

  3. Choose Bucket Policies > Custom Bucket Policies.

  4. Click Create Bucket Policy. The Create Bucket Policy dialog box is displayed.

  5. Configure parameters according to the following table, so that you can grant anonymous users the permission to access the folder and objects in it:

    Table 1 Parameters for granting permission to access a bucket



    Policy Mode





    • Include

    • Select Other account, and enter an asterisk (*) as the account ID, indicating all anonymous users.


    • Include

    • Set this parameter to all objects in the selected folder. If the folder name is folder-001, enter the value folder-001/*.


    • Include

    • GetObject

  6. Click OK.


  1. After the permission is successfully configured, select an object in the folder and click the object name to view its details. The object link (URL) is displayed on the details page. Share the URL over the Internet, so that all users can access or download the object through the Internet.

  2. Use the URL to access the object in a browser. An anonymous user can access the object.