Task Management

OBS Browser supports the management of upload, download, deletion, and restoration tasks. You can suspend, cancel, or delete tasks using the task management function.


If the number of displayed items exceeds 200,000, the system will save the first 100,000 items of tasks that are created earlier to the history directory in the decompression path of OBS Browser. These items are saved in the historyDBData[time stamp].csv files, for example, historyDBData20170426T063744.csv.


  1. Log in to OBS Browser.

  2. In the upper right corner on the page, click image1.

  3. You can select a task type from the drop-down list box in the upper right corner to query the running tasks.

  4. Optional: Select a running task and click image2 to suspend the task. For a paused task, you can click image3 to continue the task.

  5. Optional: Select a running task and click image4 to delete the task.

  6. Optional: If the task fails, select the failed task, move the pointer over image5 to view the failure cause, and click image6 to run the task again.

  7. Optional: You can select multiple tasks and click Run All, Suspend All, or Cancel All above the list.


    • For tasks in the Restoring status, the Run All and Suspend All buttons do not take effect.

    • The Cancel All button does not take effect on tasks that are in the Restoring status, but will delete tasks that fail to be restored.

  8. Optional: Click the Completed button on the top of the page to view completed tasks. Click image7 next to a finished task to delete the task record.