What Are the Application Scenarios of Lifecycle Management?

Lifecycle management applies to the following scenarios:

  • Some periodically uploaded files need only to be retained for one week or one month, and can be deleted once they have expired.

  • Documents are seldom accessed after a certain period of time. These files need to be transitioned to Warm or Cold storage or be deleted.

If you want to delete a large number of objects from a bucket, you can configure a lifecycle rule to implement automatic deletion upon expiration or schedule the time for automatic deletion. On the Lifecycle Rule page, create rules and configure parameters by referring to Table 1:

Table 1 Parameters for deletion upon expiration





Rule Name

Example: rule-delete

Applies To

You can apply the deletion rule to the entire bucket or to objects that share the same name prefix in the bucket.

Current Version

Expiration Time

Days: 1

Historical Version

Expiration Time

Days: 1

One day later, objects in the bucket are successfully deleted based on the rule. If you do not need this lifecycle rule, you can disable it or delete it.