Why Am I Unable to Download an Object?

  • Check whether the network connectivity between the local computer and OBS is normal. If the network is down, restore the network connectivity.

  • Check whether the account is in arrears or the account balance is insufficient. If this is the case, pay off the outstanding balance or top up the account.

  • Check whether the account has the permissions needed to download objects from the bucket. Check the IAM policies, bucket policies, object policies, bucket ACLs, and object ACLs. If the account does not have the required permissions, grant the permissions first.

  • Check whether KMS encryption is enabled for the current object. If the object is encrypted, downloading objects from OBS Console or OBS Browser will fail. To download an encrypted object by using the SDK or an API, the decryption key is required.

  • Check whether the object is in the Cold storage class. If it is and the status is Unrestored, restore the object first.

  • If the fault persists, contact customer service.