Quick Start

This section describes how to create a GaussDB NoSQL instance by calling APIs.


The token obtained from IAM is valid for only 24 hours. If you want to use a token for authentication, you can cache it to avoid frequently obtaining the token.

Involved APIs

If you use a token for authentication, you must obtain the user's token and add X-Auth-Token to the request message header of the service API when making an API call.

  • API for obtaining tokens from IAM

  • API for creating a GaussDB NoSQL instance


  1. Use a token for authentication by referring to Authentication.

  2. Send POST https://{Endpoint}/v3/{project_id}/instances.

  3. Add X-Auth-Token to the request header.

  4. Transfer the following parameters in the request body:


    Values of region and availability_zone are only for reference.

    For details about the API for creating instances, see Creating an Instance.

        "name": "test-cassandra-01",//Instance name
        "datastore": {
             "type": "cassandra",//Database type
            "version": "3.11", //DB engine version
            "storage_engine": "rocksDB"//Storage engine
        "region": "aaa",//Region
        "availability_zone": "bbb", //AZ
        "vpc_id": "674e9b42-cd8d-4d25-a2e6-5abcc565b961",//VPC ID
        "subnet_id": "f1df08c5-71d1-406a-aff0-de435a51007b",//Subnet ID
        "security_group_id": "7aa51dbf-5b63-40db-9724-dad3c4828b58",//Security group ID
        "password": "xxxx",//Administrator password
        "mode": "Cluster", //Instance type
        "flavor": [
                "num": 3,//Nodes
                "size": 500,//Storage space
                "storage": "ULTRAHIGH", //Disk type
                "spec_code": "geminidb.cassandra.4xlarge.4" //Resource specification code
        "backup_strategy": {
            "start_time": "08:00-09:00",//Backup time window
            "keep_days": "8"//Retention period of backup files
        "enterprise_project_id": "0"//Enterprise project ID

    If the following information is displayed, the request is successful:

        "id": "39b6a1a278844ac48119d86512e0000bin06",
        "name": "test-cassandra-01",
        "datastore": {
            "type": "cassandra",
            "version": "3.11",
            "storage_engine": "rocksDB"
        "created": "2019-10-28 14:10:54",
        "status": "creating",
        "region": "aaa",
        "availability_zone": "bbb",
        "vpc_id": "674e9b42-cd8d-4d25-a2e6-5abcc565b961",
        "subnet_id": "f1df08c5-71d1-406a-aff0-de435a51007b",
        "security_group_id": "7aa51dbf-5b63-40db-9724-dad3c4828b58",
        "mode": "Cluster",
        "flavor": [
                "num": 3,
                "size": 500,
                "storage": "ULTRAHIGH",
                "spec_code": "geminidb.cassandra.4xlarge.4"
        "backup_strategy": {
            "start_time": "08:00-09:00",
            "keep_days": "8"
        "job_id": "c010abd0-48cf-4fa8-8cbc-090f093eaa2f",
        "enterprise_project_id": "0"

    If the request fails, an error code and error information are returned. For details, see Error Codes.