API Overview

GaussDB NoSQL provides extended APIs. These APIs enable you to use some functions of GaussDB NoSQL.

Table 1 API description



API Version Queries

  • Query API versions.

  • Query version information of a specific API.

DB Version Queries

Query version information of a specified type of instances.

Instance Specifications Queries

Query all instance specifications under a specified condition.

Instance Management

Create, delete, and query instances, scale up or down the instance storage space, add or delete cluster instance nodes, change instance specifications, and change the instance administrator password, instance name, and instance security group.

Backup and Restoration

Query and set automated backup policies.

Parameter Management

Obtain parameter templates, create a parameter template, modify parameters in a parameter template, apply a parameter template, modify or obtain parameters of a specified instance, obtain parameters of a specified parameter template, and delete a parameter template.

Tag Management

Query resources by tag, batch add and delete tags, and query resource tags.

Log Management

Query database slow query logs.