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Differences Between Versions

In the latest CCE version, functions have been added and some inherited functions have been modified.

  • The modified functions include:
    • The cluster in the earlier version is equivalent to the VM cluster in the latest version.
    • The latest version does not have the concept of a component template. In the earlier version, you can set parameters in the component template when creating an application.
    • An application in the earlier version is equivalent to a stateless application in the latest version. In the latest version, stateful applications have been added.
  • The following features have been added:
    • EVS disks and file storage can be created and directly mounted during application creation on the CCE console.
    • Auto scaling for cluster nodes.
    • Docker upgraded to the 1706 version.
    • Customized helm templates for orchestrating applications.
  • In the latest version, before uploading an image, you must create an image repository.

The following table compares the two versions.

Table 1 Relationship between concepts in the two versions

Earlier Version

Latest Version

Container registry

Image Repository


Resource Management > VM Clusters

Component template


App Designer


App Manager

Stateless application