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Related Concepts


A region is a geographic area in which CCE is located.

CCE services in the same region can communicate with each other over an intranet, but those in different regions cannot.

Public cloud data centers are deployed in different places worldwide. CCE is therefore available in different regions. For example, applications can be designed to meet requirements of users in specific regions or comply with local laws or regulations.

Availability Zone

Each region consists of many availability zones (AZs), in which power and networks are physically isolated from each other. AZs in the same region can communicate with each other over an intranet. Each AZ provides cost-effective and low-latency network connections that are unaffected by faults that may occur in other AZs. Using CCE deployed in an independent AZ protects your applications against failures that occur in a single place.


Projects are used to group and isolate OpenStack resources (computing, storage, and network resources). A project can be a department or a project team. Multiple projects can be created for one account.