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Upgrading a Cluster

Through the CCE console, you can quickly upgrade cluster's Kubernetes version to support new features or fix bugs.

Before You Start

Worker nodes of a cluster support only in-place upgrade. The in-place upgrade is simple and rarely fails, and operating systems can be upgraded along with worker nodes. However, the upgrade will interrupt the applications running on the worker nodes because the upgrade will reinstall nodes' operating systems and delete data from nodes' system disks and data disks.

Clusters can be upgraded only from v1.9 to v1.11. For more information, see Table 1 and Table 2.

Table 1 Change logs for cluster versions

Source Version

Target Version




Table 2 Cluster versions

Cluster Version



Main features:

Incorporates features of Kubernetes v1.11.7.


Main features:

Incorporates features of Kubernetes v1.9.10.

Upgrade Description

  • Master nodes will be upgraded one by one. After master nodes are upgraded, worker nodes will be upgraded concurrently.
  • During the cluster upgrade, node management, application lifecycle management, and APIs are unavailable for use.
  • It takes about 10 minutes to complete a cluster upgrade.
  • Applications running in the cluster will become unavailable during the upgrade and will automatically restart after the upgrade.
  • Worker node OS will be reinstalled during the upgrade and this will interrupt the applications running on the nodes.
  • Data will be deleted from system disks and data disks of worker nodes. Please back up important data before the upgrade.
  • Do not attach extra data disks to worker nodes.


  • Clusters can be upgraded only from v1.9 to v1.11.
  • BMS clusters do not support in-place upgrades.
  • If your cluster version is v1.11 (the most up-to-date version), the Upgrade button under More is unavailable.
  • During the upgrade, kube-dns of clusters will be replaced with core-dns, and the domain name service (DNS) will be interrupted.
  • After Upgrade is clicked, the upgrade will start immediately and cannot be rolled back. Do not shut down or restart nodes during the upgrade.


In this section, the upgrade of a VM cluster is used as an example. The procedure for upgrading other types of clusters is similar.

  1. Log in to the CCE console. In the navigation pane, choose Resource Management > VM Clusters.
  2. Check whether your cluster version is the most up-to-date version. In this example, the cluster version is v1.9.
  3. In the same row as the cluster that will be upgraded, click More > Upgrade. Follow on-screen prompts until the upgrade is complete.

    After the upgrade is complete, the cluster version changes to v1.11.7-r2.