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Uploading a Template Package

To prepare for later application creation, you must upload the template to Chart Marketplace > Charts.


  1. Log in to the CCE console. In the navigation pane, choose Chart Marketplace > Charts, and click Upload Chart.
  2. In the Chart Package area, click , select the application package to be uploaded, and click Upload.

Follow-up Procedure

After a template is created, you can perform operations listed in Table 1 on the Charts page.

Table 1 Other operations



Installing a Template

Click Install to install the template for creating applications. For details, see Creating an Application Using Template.

Updating a Template

Click Update to update the template version. After the updating process, only the content of the template is updated, and the version of the template is not updated. The procedure is similar to that of uploading a template.

Downloading a Template

Click More > Download to download the template to the local host.

Deleting a Template

Click More > Delete to delete the template.


Once a template is deleted, it cannot be restored.