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Connecting to a Kubernetes Cluster Using kubectl

To access a Kubernetes cluster from a client, you can use the Kubernetes CLI tool kubectl.


CCE allows you to access a cluster from a VPC network or a public network.

  • Intra-VPC access: You need to apply for an ECS on the ECS console and ensure that the ECS is in the same VPC as the current cluster.
  • Public network access: You need to prepare an ECS that can connect to a public network.


  1. Log in to the CCE console. In the navigation pane, choose Resource Management > VM Clusters. Click Kubectl for the cluster you want to connect.
  2. Set the access mode for the cluster.

    Figure 1 Connecting to the Kubernetes cluster using kubectl

    After kubectl is successfully configured, you can connect to a Kubernetes cluster using kubectl.

Related Operations

After connecting to the cluster, you can use Kubernetes to manage applications. For details, see Kubectl Usage Guide.