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Configuring Auto Scaling Policies

CCE supports the following auto scaling policies to meet requirements of different service scenarios: metric-based policy, scheduled policy, and periodic policy.

Currently, CCE supports only automatic cluster scaling. By configuring auto scaling policies, nodes are automatically added to a cluster when an auto scaling policy is enforced. If you need to scale in a cluster, follow the steps in Deleting a Node.

This section uses a scheduled policy as an example to describe how to configure a scaling policy for an application.


  1. Log in to the CCE console. In the navigation pane, choose Application Management.
  2. Click the Nginx application you have created. On the Application Management > nginx page, click the Scaling tab.
  3. In the Auto Scaling area, click Add Scaling Policy, and set the parameters.

    Figure 1 Adding a scaling policy

  4. Click OK to enable the policy.
  5. After the specified time arrives, click the Instances tab. The instance list shows that an instance has been added to the application.