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Creating a Container Cluster

A container cluster is a logical grouping of cloud servers that run applications. Each cluster node corresponds to a cloud server. When you first use CCE, you must create an initial cluster and add a node to the cluster.


You have created a VPC and a key pair as described in Creating a VPC and a Key Pair.


  1. Log in to the CCE console. On the Dashboard page, click Create VM Cluster.
  2. Set Cluster Name to cluster-01, retain the default settings for other parameters, and click Next.
  3. Set the parameters for adding a node to the cluster. Set the network and login parameters as follows, and retain the default settings for other parameters:

    • Set EIP to Automatically assign to enable access to the node from the Internet, and retain the default values for other parameters.
    • In the Key Pair field, select the created key pair used for logging in to the node.

  4. Click Create Now and install add-ons.

    System resource add-ons are mandatory and will be installed now.

  5. Click Create Now, and then click Submit.

    It takes 6 to 10 minutes to create a cluster. Information about the progress of the creation process will be displayed.

  6. Choose Resource Management > Nodes, and check the node status. If the node status is Available, an elastic IP address has been bound to the node.