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Creating an Image Repository

An image repository is used to store, deploy, and manage Docker images.


An organization has been created. For more information, see Creating an Organization.


  1. Log in to the CCE console. In the navigation pane, choose Image Repository. Click Create Repository.
  2. Configure the parameters for creating an image repository, as listed in Table 1. The parameters marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

    Table 1 Parameters for creating an image repository



    * Repository Name

    1. Select an existing Organization for the image repository you want to create.
    2. Enter an image repository name.

      In an image repository, an image is presented in the same way as an official image in the Docker Hub. Therefore, Repository Name specified here is also the image name. One image repository corresponds to one image. An image repository may include different versions of an image.

    * Sharing Type

    Container image repository type. The default type is Public.

    • Public: available to all tenants and users.
    • Private: available only to the current tenant and associated users.

    * Category

    Select a repository category.


    Brief description of the image repository.

  3. Click Create Now.