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Storage is a component that provides storage for containerized applications. Multiple types of storage are supported.

Selecting a Storage Type

You can use the following types of storage when creating an application:

  • Local disks

    The following types of local disk volumes are available: HostPath, EmptyDir, ConfigMap, and Secret. A HostPath volume mounts a specified host path to a path of the container for persistent data storage. An EmptyDir volume mounts a default temporary path to a path of the container for temporary data storage. For details, see section Using Local Hard Disks. You can also mount the ConfigMap and secret to the container. For details, see Configuration Center.

  • EVS disks

    CCE supports creation of EVS disks and mounting of the disks to a path of a container. In addition, the EVS disks in a container are migrated during container migration. The EVS disks are used to store data persistently. For details, see section Using EVS Disks.

  • SFS file systems

    CCE supports creating SFS file systems and mounting them to a path of a container. The file storage volumes created by the underlying SFS service can also be used. The SFS data volumes are applicable to persistent storage for frequent read/write in multiple scenarios, including media processing, content management, big data analysis, and application analysis. For details, see section Using SFS File Systems.