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Application Overview

You can create two types of applications on CCE: stateful applications and stateless applications.

Basic Concepts

  • Stateless application instances are independent from each other and provide the same functions. They support auto scaling and rolling upgrades. Examples of stateless applications include Nginx and WordPress. For more information on how to create a stateless application, see Creating a Stateless Application.
  • Stateful application instances are dependent on each other and have stable persistent storage and network identifiers. They support ordered deployment, scaling in, and deletion. Examples of stateful applications include MySQL HA and etcd applications. For more information on how to create a stateful application, see Creating a Stateful Application.

Applications and Containers

As shown in Figure 1, an application consists of one or more instances. An instance consists of one or more containers. Each container corresponds to a container image. All instances of a stateless application are identical.

Figure 1 Applications and containers

Application Statuses

Table 1 Application statuses




All instances are in the running state.

Not ready

Stateless applications: All containers are in the pending state.

Stateful applications: Some containers are in the pending state.


The application is being upgraded.


The application is stopped and the number of instances is now 0.


The application is being deleted.


(Applies to stateless applications) At least one instance is available. Some application instances may be abnormal.