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Logging In to a Desktop Using a Mobile Terminal (Android)


FusionAccess is an application installed on a mobile terminal and used for accessing and using Workspace desktops. If you need to use Workspace desktops to work at home or during your trips, you can download FusionAccess to your Android device and use it to access and use Workspace desktops.


  1. Open the application store (Google Play Store) on your Android mobile terminal.
  2. Search for FusionAccess.
  3. Download and install the FusionAccess desktop client software.
  4. After the FusionAccess software is installed, open the software on your Android mobile terminal.
  5. Tap Add Account.
  6. On the Add page that is displayed, set Label to customized description, set Address and User Name to the address and username obtained from the notification email, and set Password to the new password.
  7. Tap save in the upper-right corner to save the configuration.

    Figure 1 Configuration

  8. On the home page of the FusionAccess software, tap the Label you set to log in to the desktop.

    The following figure shows the functions of the shortcut menus on the desktop.

    Figure 2 Desktop