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Logging In to a Desktop Using an SC


Download, install, and configure an SC, and then log in to Workspace from the login address in the notification email using the SC.


When you access the Internet using a proxy, log in to your desktop by following the instructions in Logging In to a Desktop Using an SC (Using a Proxy for Internet Access).

The procedure for logging into desktops in this section takes the Windows PC as an example. Operations for logging in to the SC on PCs running other operating systems are slightly different.


Required software has been downloaded and installed. For details, see Table 1.

Table 1 Software packages

Software Package


How to Obtain


Applies to Windows PC



Applies to Linux PCs running the following operating systems:

  • Red Hat 6.6 32-bit
  • Ubuntu 14.04 32-bit



Applies to Linux PCs running the following operating systems:

  • Red Hat 6.6 64-bit
  • Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit



Applies to Mac PC



  1. After the SC is installed, double-click the CloudClient icon on the desktop to start the SC.
  2. In the Address Manager window, click Add. In the Edit Server Info window that is displayed, set Server Name to a customized name and set Server Address to the address obtained from the notification email.


    The Edit Server Info window is displayed automatically upon your first login to the desktop.

  3. Click Ok to save the configuration information, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1 Edit Server Info

  4. Click Launch to go to the desktop login page.
  5. On the desktop login page, enter your domain account and password, and click Login to go to the desktop list page.
  6. On the desktop list page, click  to log in to the desktop, as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2 Desktop list