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Related Services

  • ECS

    Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) is a computing server that consists of CPUs, memory, images, and Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks, and supports on-demand allocation and elastic scaling. The Workspace service invokes ECS interfaces to create desktops.

  • IMS

    Image Management Service (IMS) provides a simple and convenient self-service management function. In Workspace, desktops are created based on IMS.

  • ELB

    Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) is a service that automatically distributes access traffic to multiple ECSs to balance their service loads. It enables you to achieve greater levels of fault tolerance in your applications and expand application service capabilities. ELB is the access entry of Workspace from the Internet.

  • VPC

    Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) provides virtual networks similar to conventional networks and advanced network services, such as elastic IP addresses, security groups, and virtual private networks (VPNs). The VPC service implements network isolation in logical mode and provides secure and isolated network environments for Workspace.

  • DirectConnect

    Direct Connect (DirectConnect) is a service that allows you to establish a dedicated network connection from your data center to the cloud platform. With DirectConnect, potential network delays when Workspace is used are reduced, which provides a high-performance system to satisfy user experience.

  • IAM

    Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a Web service. The administrator can apply this service to manage users and user rights. Only after an account is created through IAM can the administrator use related resources of Workspace.

  • NAT gateway

    The NAT gateway provides the Network Address Translation (NAT) service for Workspace desktops in a VPC so that multiple Workspace desktops can share an EIP to access the Internet.

  • Tag Management Service (TMS)

    Tag Management Service (TMS) is a visualized service for fast, unified tag management that enables you to control your resource permissions and billing across regions and services. Tags identify Workspace desktops so that the desktops can be categorized easily and searched quickly.

  • CTS

    Cloud Trace Service (CTS) generates traces to enable you to get a history of operations performed on cloud service resources. The content of a trace includes operation requests sent using the management console or open APIs as well as the operation results. You can view all generated traces to query, audit, and backtrack performed operations.

  • Cloud Eye

    Cloud Eye is an open monitoring platform that helps you monitor the statuses of Workspace infrastructure servers in real time. Cloud Eye supports multiple alarm modes to ensure timely pre-warning and normal service running.