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Application Scenarios

Use of conventional PC desktops or the local VDI solution requires high investment and features difficult and complicated deployment and management. For Workspace, neither early investment nor continuous infrastructure management is required. You can apply for a complete set of cloud desktop computing services, such as computation and persistent storage, with certain fees, providing secure desktop experience with various access options for your users in simple and cost-effective ways.

Workspace can be applied to mainstream industries including government and public utilities, telecommunications, energy, finance, transportation, medical care, education, broadcasting, media, and manufacturing. It is applicable to diversified scenarios, such as common office, security office, branch office, and public terminal (call center, business hall, and training classroom).

  • Mobile office scenario

    Users can log in remotely to Workspace anytime and anywhere. Workspace is applicable for employees who are on business trips frequently and need to work in many locations.

  • Short-term use scenario

    Workspace and necessary application system services can be configured for short-term employees of enterprises. After the short-term employees leave, their services can be stopped.

  • Security office automation (OA) scenario

    Workspace can provide enterprises with office solutions that comply with the enterprises' security standards. Permission to access physical devices can be controlled and data is not locally stored, thereby improving the security of enterprise data.

  • Branch office scenario

    Workspace is applicable for employees who work in branches and external employees. They can log in to Workspace to access applications on the headquarters network. Data is not locally stored.

  • High-definition (HD) graphics processing scenario

    Workspace provides 2D and 3D graphics processing capabilities for end users and supports multiple high-performance graphics software such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Geographic Information System (GIS), 3D game software, and omnimedia video editing software. Workspace can meet the high-performance graphics processing requirements of customers from multiple industries (including engineering, manufacturing, oil, automobile, medical care, game, and media).