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Uploading a Certificate

This section describes how to upload a certificate.


Login credentials have been obtained.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner of the management console and select a region or project.
  3. Choose Security > Web Application Firewall.
  4. In the navigation pane, choose Certificates. The Certificates page is displayed, as shown in Figure 1.

    Figure 1 Certificates page

  5. In the upper right corner of the page, click Upload Certificate. The Upload Certificate dialog box is displayed. Enter the certificate name, and copy and paste the certificate content and private key to the corresponding text boxes. See Figure 2.

    Figure 2 Uploading a certificate
    Currently, only .pem certificates are supported. If the certificate format is different, convert it to the .pem format by referring to Table 1 and then paste the corresponding content into the Certificate Content and Private Key text boxes.
    Table 1 Certificate conversion commands


    How to Convert (In Linux OSs)


    Rename the cert.crt certificate file to cert.pem.


    1. Run the following command to obtain a private key. For example, to convert cert.pfx into cert.key, run:

      openssl pkcs12 -in cert.pfx -nocerts -out cert.key -nodes

    2. Run the following command to obtain a certificate. For example, to convert cert.pfx into cert.pem, run:

      openssl pkcs12 -in cert.pfx -nokeys -out cert.pem


    Run the following command to convert a certificate. For example, to convert cert.p7b into cert.pem, run:

    openssl pkcs7 -print_certs -in cert.p7b -out cert.pem


    Run the following command to obtain a certificate. For example, to convert privatekey.der into cert.key, run:

    openssl rsa -inform DER -outform PEM -in privatekey.der -out cert.key

  6. Click OK.

    • If the number of uploaded certificates reaches the upper limit, refer to Deleting a Certificate to delete a certificate that is not associated with any domain name and then upload a certificate again.
    • To modify a certificate name, click next to the target certificate name in the Certificate Name column.