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Which Remote VPN Devices Are Supported?

Most devices that meet IPsec VPN standard and reference protocol requirements can be used as the remote VPN devices, for example, Cisco ASA firewalls, Huawei USG6xxxx series firewalls, USG9xxxx series firewalls, Hillstone firewalls, and Cisco ISR routers. Table 1 lists the supported Huawei USG6xxxx and USG9xxxx firewalls.

Table 1 Huawei VPN devices

Supported Remote VPN Device


Huawei USG6000 series




Huawei USG9000 series


Other devices that meet the requirements in the reference protocols described in What Are the Reference Standards and Protocols for the IPsec VPN? can also be deployed. However, some devices may fail to add because of inconsistent protocol implementation methods of these devices. If the connection setup fails, rectify the fault by following the instructions provided in What Do I Do If VPN Setup Fails? or contact customer service.