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Creating a Firewall


A firewall consists of one or more access control lists (ACLs). Based on inbound and outbound rules, the firewall determines whether data packets are allowed in or out of any associated subnet. You can create a custom firewall. By default, a newly created firewall is disabled. It does not have any inbound or outbound rules, nor have any subnets associated. Each user can create a maximum of 200 firewalls by default.


  1. Log in to the management console.
  2. Click in the upper left corner and select the desired region and project.
  3. On the console homepage, under Network, click Virtual Private Cloud.
  4. In the navigation pane on the left, choose Access Control > Firewalls.
  5. In the right pane displayed, click Create Firewall.
  6. In the displayed Create Firewall area, enter firewall information as prompted. Table 1 lists the parameters to be configured.
    Figure 1 Create Firewall
    Table 1 Parameter description



    Example Value


    Specifies the firewall name. This parameter is mandatory.

    The firewall name contains a maximum of 64 characters, which may consist of letters, digits, underscores (_), and hyphens (-). The name cannot contain spaces.



    Provides supplementary information about the firewall. This parameter is optional.

    The firewall description can contain a maximum of 255 characters and cannot contain angle brackets (< or >).


  7. Click OK.

    The firewall is created.