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Regions and Availability Zones

A region is a geographic area where VBS works.

Each region comprises one or more AZs and is completely isolated from other regions. AZs within the same region can communicate with one another through an internal network, while those in different regions cannot communicate with one another through an internal network.

The public cloud is hosted in multiple locations worldwide, including North America, Europe, and Asia, ensuring VBS can be used without any problems. You can use VBS in locations that meet your requirements. For example, you can design applications in a location that is close to your customers or that meets legal or other specific requirements.

Each region contains many AZs where power and networks are physically isolated. Each AZ provides cost-effective and low-latency network connections that are unaffected by faults in other AZs. Therefore, deploying VBS in separate AZs protects your applications against local faults that occur in a specific location.