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Integrating SMN with Other Services

SMN can be interconnected with other cloud services to provide them with messaging capabilities so that these services can send notifications to tenants or their message processing systems. For details about how to use SMN in other cloud services, see user guides of the related services.

  • Cloud Eye

    After an alarm rule is configured, Cloud Eye can use SMN to send alarm information to specified users.

  • Anti-DDoS

    After the alarm notification function is enabled for Anti-DDoS, SMN notifies users by email or SMS message once a DDoS attack occurs.

  • Cloud Trace Service (CTS)

    CTS can be integrated with SMN to notify users of critical operation events. SMN also uses CTS to record service resource operations.

  • Object Storage Service (OBS)

    After enabling the SMN service in OBS, SMN sends OBS bucket events to applications for processing.

  • Distributed Message Service (DMS)

    Cloud service events or application messages in SMN can be saved in DMS message queues.