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Managing Encrypted File Systems

Creating an Encrypted File System

Before you use the encryption function, the KMS access rights have to be granted to SFS. If you have the Security Administrator rights, grant the KMS access rights to the file system directly. Otherwise, you need to contact the system administrator to obtain the "Security Administrator" rights first. For details, see File System Encryption.

You can create a file system that is encrypted or not, but you cannot change the encryption settings of an existing file system.

For details about how to create an encrypted file system, see Creating a File System.

Unmounting an Encrypted File System

If the user master key used by the encrypted file system is disabled or planned to be deleted, the file system can only be used within a certain period of time (30s by default). Therefore, perform this operation with caution.

For details about how to uninstall the file system, see Follow-Up Operation for operations on the Linux operating system, and see Follow-Up Operation for operations on the Windows operating system.