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Basic Concepts

Before you start, understand the following concepts.

  • NFS

    Network File System (NFS) is a distributed file system protocol that allows different computers and operating systems to share data over a network.

  • File system

    A file system provides users with shared file storage service through NFS. It can be used to access network files remotely. After users create shared directories in the management console, the file system can be mounted to multiple ECSs and is accessible through the standard POSIX interface.

  • Region

    Regions are divided from the dimensions of geographical location and network latency. Public services, such as Object Storage Service (OBS), Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), and Image Management Service (IMS), are shared within the same region. Users can select a region closest to them to reduce access latencies.

  • AZ

    A physical region where resources use independent power supply and networks. AZs are physically isolated but interconnected through the internal network. To enhance application availability, you are advised to create instances in different AZs. ECSs can share the same file system across AZs of the same region.

  • Project

    A project is used to group and isolate OpenStack resources, such as computing, storage, and network resources. A project can be a department or a project team. More than one project can be created for an account.