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Related Services

File systems can be mounted to different ECSs in the same project for file sharing. SFS requires Identity and Access Management (IAM) for user identity management and cloud resource access control. Meanwhile, file systems are encrypted by Key Management Service (KMS), and the performance is monitored by Cloud Eye.

Table 1 Related Services


Related Service


An SFS file system and the associated ECSs must belong to the same project. SFS file systems are mounted to shared paths for data sharing.

Elastic Cloud Server (ECS)

Mounting an NFS File System to ECSs (Linux)

Mount an NFS File System to ECSs (Windows)

VPC provisions an isolated virtual network environment defined and managed by yourself, improving the security of cloud resources and simplifying network deployment. You need to create a VPC before using SFS, and add the ECSs in the VPC to the access list when creating a file system.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Creating a File System

IAM is an enterprise-level self-help cloud resource management system. It provides user identity management and access control functions. When an enterprise needs to provide SFS for multiple users within the enterprise, the enterprise administrator can use IAM to create users and control these users' permissions on enterprise resources.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

User Permission

The encryption feature relies on KMS, which improves the data security of your file systems.

Data Encryption Workshop: Key Management Service (KMS)

Managing Encrypted File Systems

Once you have applied for SFS, you can monitor its performance, such as the read bandwidth, write bandwidth, and read write bandwidth on Cloud Eye, which does not require any plug-ins.

Cloud Eye

Viewing Monitoring Statistics

Cloud Trace Service (CTS) allows you to collect, store, and query cloud resource operation records and use these records for security analysis, compliance auditing, resource tracking, and fault locating. With CTS, you can record operations associated with SFS for later query, audit, and backtrack operations.

Cloud Trace Service (CTS)

Querying Traces