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Application Scenarios

Expandable to petabytes, SFS provides a fully hosted shared file storage. It features high availability and durability, and seamlessly handles data-intensive and bandwidth-intensive applications. It applies to multiple scenarios, including high-performance computing (HPC), media processing, file sharing, and content management and web services.

  • HPC

    In industries that require HPC, such as simulation experiments, biopharmacy, gene sequencing, image processing, and weather forecast, SFS provides superb computing and storage capabilities, as well as high bandwidth and low latency.

  • Media processing

    Services of TV stations and new media are more likely to be deployed on cloud platforms. Such services include streaming media, archiving, editing, transcoding, content distribution, and video on demand (VoD). In such scenarios, a large number of workstations are involved in the whole program production process. Different operating systems may be used by different workstations, requiring file systems to share materials. In addition, HD/4K videos have become a major trend in the broadcasting and TV industry. Taking video editing as an example, to improve audiences' audiovisual experience, HD editing is being transformed to 30- to 40-layer editing. Therefore, a single editing client may require a file system with a bandwidth up to hundreds of MB per second. Usually, producing a single TV program needs several editing clients to process a lot of video materials concurrently. To meet such requirement, SFS provides customers with stable, bandwidth-intensive, and latency-sensitive performance.

  • File sharing

    For an organization with a large number of staff, SFS can create shared file systems that are accessible to all staff, to facilitate file sharing among staff.

  • Content management and web service

    SFS can be used in various content management systems to store and provide information for websites, home directories, online releases, and archiving.

  • Big data and analytic applications

    SFS delivers an aggregate bandwidth of over 10 GB/s, capable of handling ultra-large data files such as satellite images.