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What Is SFS?

Scalable File Service (SFS) enables high-performance file storage that can be expanded and shrunk on demand. It provides file sharing services for multiple Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs), as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1 Accessing SFS
Compared with traditional file sharing storage, SFS has the following advantages:
  • File sharing

    ECSs in multiple availability zones (AZs) of a same region can access the same file system concurrently and share files.

  • Elastic scaling

    Storage can be scaled up or down on demand to dynamically adapt to service changes without interrupting applications. You can complete resizing with one click.

  • Superior performance

    SFS performs better as capacity grows. It ensures high data durability and adapts to business growth.

  • Seamless integration

    SFS supports Network File System (NFS). With this standard protocol, a broad range of mainstream applications can read and write data in the file system.

  • Easy operation and low costs

    In an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI), you can create and manage file system with ease. SFS slashes the cost as it is charged on a pay-per-use basis.