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Product Advantages

The RTS can help users to uniformly model and configure the resources on the cloud. You only need to create a template file that describes the required resources and the dependencies between resources. The RTS will automatically create and configure all the resources in the template through the orchestration engine, so that you can manage cloud resources more simply and easily. The RTS has the following advantages:

Flexible Combination of Multiple Cloud Services

Currently, the RTS service supports a variety of core cloud services, such as ECS, EVS, OBS, VPC, AS, CES, ELB, SFS, and RDS. You can flexibly combine cloud services through templates to meet the automation operation and maintenance requirements of different service scenarios.

Batch Operation to Simplify Resource Management

By defining multiple resource types and resource dependencies in the template, all the services in the template can be deployed in one batch, which greatly simplifies the deployment complexity and saves your time cost. You can also dynamically adjust the stack template based on your business needs; if you no longer need the group resources, you can delete all resources in one click.