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Connecting to a DB Instance Through pgAdmin

You can use the pgAdmin client to connect to an RDS DB instance.

  • The pgAdmin client only supports access through EIPs.
  • The pgAdmin version must be 4 or later.


  1. Prepare a device that can access RDS DB instances.
    To connect to a DB instance through an EIP, you must:
    1. Bind the EIP to the DB instance. For details, see Binding an EIP.
    2. Ensure that the device can access the EIP that has been bound to the DB instance.
  2. Install the pgAdmin client on the device that was prepared in 1. Prepare a device that....


  1. Start pgAdmin.
  2. In the displayed login window, choose Servers > Create > Server.

    Figure 1 Creation

  3. On the General page, specify Name. On the Connection page, specify information about the DB instance to be connected. Then, click Save.

    Figure 2 General page

    Figure 3 Connection page

    Parameter description:

    • Host name/address: indicates the EIP of the DB instance to be connected.
    • Port: indicates the database port. By default, the value is 5432.
    • User name: indicates the username. By default, the value is root.
    • Password: indicates the password of the target database username.

  4. In the login window, check that the connection information is correct. The target DB instance is successfully connected.