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Low Costs

Instant Availability

You can obtain a DB instance on the management console and access RDS through an ECS to reduce application response time and fees generated by public network traffic. In addition, Microsoft license fees are covered by RDS for Microsoft SQL Server.

Elastic Scaling

You can flexibly adjust the required resources based on your service requirements and pay for only what you use. Cloud Eye can monitor the changes of database pressure and data storage space. You can adjust DB instance classes accordingly.


Operation methods of the database engines (DB engines) provided by RDS are the same as those of the native engines. Additionally, RDS is also compatible with existing programs and tools.

Easy O&M

Routine RDS maintenance and management operations, including hardware and software fault handling and database patch updates, are easy to perform. With the management console, you can reboot DB instances, reset passwords, modify parameters, view error or slow query logs, and restore data. Additionally, you can view DB instance information in real time, including CPU utilization, Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS), database connections, and storage space. Then, you can create or scale DB instances accordingly.