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Preparing for Data Migration

You can access RDS through an EIP or ECS.


  1. Prepare an ECS for accessing DB instances in the same VPC subnet or prepare a device for accessing RDS through a public network.
    • To connect to a DB instance through an ECS, you must first create an ECS.

      For details about how to create and connect to an ECS, see section How Can I Create and Connect to an ECS?

    • To connect to a DB instance through an EIP, you must:
      1. Bind the EIP to the DB instance. For details, see Binding an EIP.
      2. Ensure that the local device can access the EIP that has been bound to the DB instance.
  2. Install the Microsoft SQL Server client on the ECS or device that was prepared in 1. Prepare an ECS for ac....

    For details, see section How Can I Install SQL Server Management Studio?


    The SQL Server Management Studio version must be equal to or later than the Microsoft SQL Server DB engine version.